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Condolences, Respect and Ronaldinho


They say every thing happens in three's. Firstly QPR's young starlet Jones was tragically killed in a car crash at the weekend, then Seville's Antonio Puerta died after collapsing during Seville's game also at the weekend and then last night, Leicester City's Clive Clarke collapses in the dressing room during his team's Carling Cup-tie against Notttingham Forest.

Respect and condolences to the Jones and Puerta families for their sad losses and here's to a speedy recovery to Clive Clarke and best wishes to his family and friends from the writer of this blog and no doubt everybody connected to Chelsea Football Club.


Changing the subject entirely. Over the last few days a certain UK newspaper and its sister paper have been running 'stories' that a certain Mr Ronaldinho from Barcelona will be joining Chelsea before the transfer deadline ends at midnight (UK time) on Friday 31st August.

Then today (if a story was true) a tabloid UK newspaper published an article to say that Chelsea was prepared to swop Shaun Wright-Phillips for Tottenham's Jermain Defoe and that the two players had agreed to the change, but the deal will not go ahead until Chelsea agree to Tottenham's extra demand of £4.5m (because they believe that Defoe is worth more than Wright-Phillips!!!!)

Get out of here LOL LOL LOL Defoe worth more than Shaunie. Shaunie after his performances so far this season, including pre-season, is worth £50 million!!!!

But going back to the Ronaldinho saga. What if Ronaldinho DID join Chelsea?? Oh what joy, oh what class and oh what a player Chelsea would have in their ranks!! Forget he is/was our adversary in previous Champions League campaigns. Imagine Ronaldinho scoring the same type of goal week in, week out like the goal he scored against Chelsea in our famous 4-2 win at the Bridge.

Just imagine, just imagine...........zzzzzzzz but it has to be a pipe dream, it has to be a ruse by Ronaldinho's brother to grind more money out of Barcelona for the Buck tooth one (as it appears that he could be slipping down the pecking order) in front of the likes of Eto'o and Messi.

Just imagine..... being a season ticket holder at this early stage of the season, with 17 home matches still to go and not having to worry about getting tickets for League games - come to think of it being a season ticket holder with all of the 'perks' GUARANTEES me to watch Ronaldinho in a Chelsea shirt, whenever I want and wherever I want ............... just imagine!!!


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