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So Its 'Olla' To Belletti and Whatever the Dutch is? Goodbye to Robben


Alrite Belletti how you doing? 31 years of age and a right back. Hope you will perform better for us than you did for Barca when you came to the Bridge and got beat 4-2, you know the game, the infamous spitting incident, the smashing of the drinks machine etc etc etc.... and farewell to 'glass ankles' Arjen Robben who more or less won us our first Premiership title in his first year, then since then had more breaks through injury than Kit-Kat and got his nickname 'glass ankles' through his 'slow' recovery as cited by Jose and not the fans.

Under Jose's new playing regime I am afraid to admit that Robben won't be missed. After all last season's 2nd place was mainly down to him NOT appearing and now Jose has planned for this and set-up new formations to counter Robben's ultimate loss!!

The expected story arose tonight that 'ickle' Stevie Gerrard who played against us last Sunday and then withdrew from the England squad 'cos of a 'ickle' broken toe is OUT of Scumpool's Premiership game against Sunderland at the weekend. It just goes to show the LACK of respect that FAT FACE PAELLA man has for the Premiership and for the new boy in town Roy Keane, (of course Roy Keane in his Man Utd days against Liverpool = hatred) and his team Sunderland that HIS main man isn't fit enough to play - but of course he WAS fit enough to play against us - and Liverpool fans (sorry Scumpool fans) wonder why they haven't won the Premiership since the goatee wearing FAT FACE PAELLA man has been in charge!!!??!!!

On a lighter note. Times have been hard star spotting down at Cobham whilst this silly week of Internationals have been taking place, but one team managed to get a game at Cobham on Wednesday afternoon - say hello to Hampton and Richmond FC who came by to try their luck again as after a short few weeks ago beat a Chelsea reserve side 1-0.

My my wasn't Hampton and Richmond FC in for a BIG surprise?

A Chelsea team consisting of the now departed Arjen Robben who captained the side and scored his final Chelsea goal, Scott Sinclair who scored four, Glenn Johnson got one and so did Phil Younghusband saw H&R off 7-0. The team also saw appearances by Pizarro, Alex, and Sidwell and if I was a H&R player I would have taken 7-0 and thought to myself I have just played against some 'serious' world class players!!!

Incidentially the Reserves kick off their campaign against Portsmouth next Wednesday (29th August).


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