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Chelsea's 'Worst' Shirt - or As You Yanks Would Say the 'Worst Uniform'!

The Worst?

Our beloved leader (Bob) posted a topic the other day about the worst EVER footballing shirts. Chelsea's new Electric Yellow was in there somewhere which is a bit unfair cos the shirt has only been available only recently. Personally I love the shirt I wear mine all the time (till its time for it to get washed) and then I move along to another Chelsea shirt. Its all about Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea!!!!


I do have loads of shirts from the past, lots of shirts that I use as an excuse to wear at work as being from the retro period of my Chelsea love affair and we are talking since 1966.

However if I have to choose which is my favourite 'worst' shirt in my time as a Chelsea fan, it has to be the one pictured. Tangerine and Graphite Grey - or is it - Graphite Grey and Tangerine????

As they say in Big Brother - you decide???


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