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PREVIEW: Reading v Chelsea


Jose Mourinho has announced that right-back Paulo Ferreira is back in tonight's squad for the game at Reading and Jose's only concern is 'the train or the King of Ghana' Michael Essien's fitness after he limped off in Sunday's enthralling and entertaining 3-2 win over Birmingham.

It is less than a year that Chelsea return to the Madejski Stadium since the infamous incident between Stephen Hunt and Petr Cech after Hunt's trailing and crunching knee-cap went straight into Cech head with less than a minute gone on the match clock and left Cech out of the game for nearly four months with a fractured skull.

Chelsea fans still feel bitter over what happened more with the fact that Hunt hasn't appeared to apologise or at least explain his 'actions' over the challenge that he made on the World's No.1 goalkeeper. We don't mind fair challenges, but when things go 'wrong' as it did last October, the least you can expect from the agitator is in explanation to say that the challenge was 'an accident' or words to that effect. But no!!!! Nothing from Hunt except for further anatognism when it is reported that he will only shake Cech's hand and not say a word to our former stricken goalkeeper during tonight's pre-match formalities.

As far as I am concerned Stephen Hunt is and will always be a C**t. As apologises now will not wash, it is too late for that now and I have to ask one question.


There should be at least 3,000 Chelsea fans at Reading tonight asking Hunt the same question if he starts.

For me. There is NO live TV coverage and it is nights like this that I wished I lived somewhere else other than the UK.

Whatever Hunt does now until the end of his career he will always be known for the bloke that 'done' Cech!!!

Before you Reading fans 'kick off,' I haven't got a problem with your club or your manager Steve Coppell. My problem is with a 'two-bob' footballer who in a pre-meditating way went out to make a name for himself, but unfortunately he made his name in the wrong way and off the field Hunt has proved what a nasty Irish pikey he is!!!!

Reading still have Lita out (after injuring himself whilst in bed LOL LOL), Glen Little and Sonko (who clattered Carlo all the way to the hospital in the same game) and Kitson who got sent off against Man Utd on Sunday (after 37 seconds).

Ex Chelsea defender Michael Duberry looks set to face his former club and it will be a surprise if he doesn't receive the applause from the visiting Chelsea fans.

For the record Steve Sidwell returns to his former club and I guess that when he announced he was leaving to join Chelsea he didn't expect to be going back to Berkshire so early in the season.

Sidwell says,"I am sure they will come out all guns blazing, Sunday will have given then a lot of confidence. Only the big sides took points away (from Man Utd) last season, they make it difficult and will be tough to beat."


I am endeavouring to go to as many away games as I can, but for me to do this I have to take days off from work for which I don't get paid once my holiday entitlement runs out (plus I can't afford it anyway!!!!). If there is anybody out there that wants to pay me to go to away games and LIVE blog, let me know!!!!

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