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Malaysia Champions Youth Cup: Malaysia U19s 0-0 Academy and Lump it like Lampard


I ain't gonna apologise for writing this late 'cos really there ain't too much to apologise for and to write about. The Academy's chances of qualifying for the next round of the Malaysia Champions Youth Cup look really slim after being held by the U19s of the hosts, Malaysia.

For Chelsea to continue and not catch the next plane home, they will have to beat Bayern Munich by a handsome score and hope that PSV don't win their last game, otherwise they will be back at Cobham quickers than they can say 'We have got a long flight home and we have to go back to Cobham.'

The final group game kicks off at the same time as the first team kick off their first home Premiership game of the season against Birmingham, on Sunday 1.30pm(UK time). So for news of the Academy's progress against the Munich of Bayern you will have to find for yourself, but here is a clue.

Frank Lampard was in the news this morning as it appears that he took offence to a nosey paparazzi photographer who took one more pic than Frank wanted.

According to reports Frank was with his two little babies going about his business, and after the photographer took pics that Frank thought was reasonable, the 'snapper' started following Frank all over West London including his 'new' house near Chelsea's training ground at Cobham.

Anyway the upshot of it all was that Frank had a visit at the training from the police force who really seem to be interested in sorting out the soft stuff and the easy target, Frank was issued a caution.

It seems that the nosey photograhper took umbridge to Frank's protests in invading his space and taking too many pictures of the children that Frank was happy with and the photographer didn't quite like being at the other end of Frank's venom. Also the photographer claims that some of his equipment was damaged and although Lampard denies this 'he has offered to pay for replacements.'

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