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Beckham, Ronaldinho, Zidane to Chelsea????

jose-mourinho1.jpgFear not. Beckham isn't leaving LA Galaxy, Zidane isn't coming out of retirement and Ronaldinho isn't leaving Barcelona. These were players offered to Jose by owner Mr Abramovich, when Jose first joined Chelsea four years ago.

In addition to Jose turning down those star names it is alleged that Jose told Mr A "You only need one star here - me!!"

In a new book written by Jose's close friend Luis Lourenco, Lourenco writes that the following conversation took place between Jose and Mr A.

Mr A said, "Now that I am here I'm going to buy Ronaldinho. Would you like that?"

Jose said, "No."

Mr A replied, "I'll buy you Zinedine Zidane," Jose again said "No."

Mr A then said "David Beckham," again Jose said "No."

With Mr A looking shaken and taken back with Mourinho's constant refusals, he then said "OK, here's a name you can't refuse. Tomorrow, for you, I'll make my big friend Andriy Shevchenko a Chelsea player."

With that Jose replied resoundly, "NO, NO and NO."

With Mr A becoming more frustrated he said to Mourinho, "But you don't understand, Mr Mourinho. I'm talking about buying the biggest stars in world football."

To that Jose replied, "No, its you who doesn't understand Mr Abramovich. You only need one star at Chelsea - me."

Incidentially the book is called "Leadership - The Lessons of Mourinho, " and the author received Jose's full backing and co-operation and in fact Jose wrote the forward to the book which he says "I hope that those who speak or make and opinion about me can now do so with a new basis."

Now where is my credit card?

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