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Didier Drogba La-Li-La-Li-La, Didier Drobga La-Li-La-Li-La-La

Well I got me arse out of bed at 3.30am the other morning to prepare and watch Chelsea live from LA - at the home of LA Galaxy to be more precise - and if I am honest I enjoyed this game more than I did the one against Club America.

To be fair if Chelsea had scored five or six against the Bluewings, I don't think there would have been too many complaints raging from the changing room of the Blue shirts.

Well weren't that weird seeing the Bluewings in almost identical shirts to ours? The two differences were the Bluewings club badge and LCD TV underneath the Samsung name on the Suwon boys shirt attire.

Essien hit the bar, Drogba hit the post, Essien had a shot brilliantly saved from close-range and basically the Suwon's goal was peppered with shots all night.

Interesting to note the size of the crowd. When Galaxy played in the game before, against Tigres (don't worry Laurie, ain't gonna say anything.... yet!!) estimates set the crowd at about 2,000. When Chelsea took the field, the place was almost full to capacity (capacity is about 27,000).

Beckham!! Who is David Beckham? and will Chelsea see him on the field on Saturday night (or Sunday if you are in the UK). Funny that. Its so surreal the time difference, I get to watch Chelsea play live, last night!!! Gettit?

Reports suggest that Mr B's ankle trouble will still see him on the touchline or in the VIP lounges where he didn't look too pleased against Tigres and in one UK newspaper this morning saw a headline with DB saying "Oh my God, I have signed up with a pub team, " yep David a pub team that will be paying you millions of the green stuff for the next five years!!!

Somehow I cannot see you lasting five years.

Anyway enuff of that!!

JT has reportedly broken a toe and his contract seems to be sorted with reports suggesting that he will be on £131,000 a week. Nice work break a toe and get £131,000 per week. I almost ripped the tip of my finger off yesterday and all I got was a plaster and a note in the accident book.

Didier Drogba has issued a statement refuting press claims that he will be on his toes 'if a better offer comes in.' Dids said "There are incorrect media reports that I am considering leaving Chelsea. These are totally untrue. I have not given any interviews discussing this matter and I signed a new contract with the club last year."

" I have has a great three years at Chelsea and look forward to several more."

Told you then!!

More speculation about another Chelsea player on the move. Its 'glass ankles' himself, Arjen Robben. He's going, he's staying, he's going, he's staying, he played the other night and would he have played if he WAS on his toes, despite the fact the Real Madrid have upped their offer from £12m to £15m. Somehow no I don't think so, which really means bye bye Arjen!!!!

One player on the move is Jimmy Smith. Chelsea's inspirational reserve team captain who spent the best part of last season on loan at QPR, he has gone out on loan again to the Canary boys of Norwich City in Norfolk, East of England and who reside in the Coca Cola Championship.

Another rumour is that Ben Sahar, Chelsea's exciting 17 year old Israeli International is expected to join QPR on a loan deal until Christmas.

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