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News to Warm the Hearts of Every Chelsea Fan - Even those in the USA


Other than trying to raise the profile of Chelsea Football Club in the USA (that's why we are there for the 4th year) and committing football relations to the local American Communities, times like these give the 'Special One' the opportunity to let us the Chelsea fans know what he is feeling and know what he is thinking.

Today (Sunday) all over the UK press it has been reported that Jose has had a meeting with our owner Mr A and it seems that whatever problems arose from last season have now been repaired and relations 'appear' to be as they were when Jose first came to Chelsea Football Club four years ago.

It is reported that Jose and Mr A had an extremely long and constructive meeting before the club left on their tour and this is what Jose had to say, in one of his many press and media conferences that he has held so far.

"Of course we are good. We have professional relations - he is the owner, I am the manager. I had a very good and long meeting with him in the Summer, and I think its better to have one long and good meeting than ten short and bad."

"We had only one because of holiday periods. We had a very long meeting, and everything is cool. There are no doubts, I know what he is saying, I know what he feels, what he wants."

"He knows me as a person and manager, and the way I work. I am a communicator, I like to communicate with people. We had an easy, long, enjoyable meeting. The meeting was at Stamford Bridge last week."

Some media outlets are saying that Jose WILL definitely see out his contract which expires in 2010, some said that Jose wants to stay for another 8 years. (as far as I am concerned Jose can stay till I am blasted up that damm chimney!!!!)

This is what he said "I am not afraid of the future. What I want is to be happy (don't we all), and there are places where you are when you want to leave as soon as you can, and there are places where you are when you want to stay a long time. For the first time in three years I bought a house in London. I want to stay, and if Chelsea want a change, they'd have made the change three weeks ago."

(Yep Jose, know what you mean - thats why inside the next two years I will be moving out of London!!!)

Now this part of Jose's chat and releasing his feelings for me is quite important. Amongst the furore of Mr B's arrival at the Galaxy during the week itwas suggested that Jose wants to go to America - this is what he had to say on the subject.

"If one of my kids wants to come to the US for a special university or course, for something the US can give them better than Europe, and if my kids want to do it in 15 years time then I would come." (yep and so would I, and every other parent, if they could afford of course!!!)

"Probably if the first step is David Beckham, I believe some other important players will come at the end of their careers. Maybe they should make offers for some good coaches to instead of coming to help one specific team, like be the coach of Galaxy or Red Bull, they send the coaches to help the football country, the other coaches at a different level."

"I would come. I love the emotion and the tension of football in Europe but maybe in 15 years time yes. My family is in a very important position for me, and if I am still enjoying my football then why not?"

"I want to be in the top football and at this moment that is no more than three countries. I could say England is in the top, and is even in front of Spain and Italy, in spite of Italy being World Champions, and having the European Champions.

"I'm in my fourth season in English football, and if I could go to fifth, to sixth, to seventh, to eighth, I would go without any problem. I don't have a desire to change or try something different. I don't have this in my heart. That will happen naturally. I love English football, and working here."

"In football you never know what can happen. You have to be ready in my opinion for everything. In this moment I don't want to change, the club doesn't want to change because they would have done it one month ago. We are together hopefully until the end of my contract in 2010, and if we are still together we will have to make a decision."

"The level I reach and coaches like me, they are given security. I have lots of friends in Portuguese football and the insecurity is when you are afraid of the next step and what happens."

"I have a friend who works in a Portuguese Premiership club, he is for one-and-a-half years without having a job, because he wants to stay at that level, and he's had only invitations from the Second Division."

"It's the kind of insecurity you have when you can find 20, 30, 40 guys for the same job. I think when you speak about me and Wenger and Capell, I think we are never afraid of the future because we know that the next step will again be a positive step, a positive experience, a good club, a good league."

"Generally we know we always have good options. We are not afraid of the future. What we want is to be happy, and there are places where you are when you want to leave as soon as you can, and there are places where you are when you want to stay a long time."

"For the first time in three years I bought a house in London. I want to stay, and if Chelsea want a change, they'd have done the change three weeks ago."

"What I understand with Capello is that he's good. He doesn't become bad overnight. He can be sacked in Madrid and in his next job, but for me the man is great.I admire him a lot and I'm not a Madrid supporter, I'm an independent guy, but I'm so happy they win the Spanish League because of him."

"I don't know how you can sack a guy who's just done that. Football is a bit like the world, its a bit crazy. He did in one year what other people couldn't do in three or four, and he must be very proud of himself and because I like him so much I'm so happy. During the season they spoke a lot about me as an option there. I was never an option there because I was never interested in that."



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