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Is It TOOOO Much to Ask?!?!?!?!

crest.jpgNine points from three games. Arsenal (a), Man Utd (h), Everton (h) - is it really tooooo much to ask? Get the nine points and Chelsea ARE Champions for the third year in succession!!

I really believe that since the West Ham away win, Chelsea simply have not performed and quite a few players have 'gone missing' at the wrong time. Although we beat Liverpool at home in the Champions League, I always knew that we needed a second goal and although Chelsea didn't get the second goal, I was very confident that we would score at Anfield.

As you can imagine after Wednesday, my confidence has been severely dented and my dream of winning this year's Champions League has gone, this was the year that the Champions League was my first priority as a trophy to win.

Because up until the start of this season from ever since I can remember (well since 1966), my first wish would always be the title. The title was never won until 2005 and 2006 and now we are only nine points away from a third - a treble!!!!

But as my dream of this years Champions League has gone, there is no reason why Chelsea - the players, the management, staff and the fans - CANNOT refocus and travel to Cashburton Grove, take on Arsenal and beat them!!!

Simply put Chelsea HAVE to beat Arsenal.

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