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Thanks Man Ure for Cheering Me Up!!


How to cheer yourself up in the space of 24 hours. Watch ManUre get totally stuffed in the San Siro, go to work in a AC Milan shirt and get someone else to spend near on 2 1/2 hours online to get Cup final tickets!!!

When I walked into work this morning and took off my zippy up hoodie type thing, the whole floor burst out laughing cos they knew that an hour later the solitary Man Ure fan would walk into work, completely and utterly gutted at the events of last night in the San Siro and 'hopefully' witness him lamp me or should that be lump me!!!

Fair play to him. At 9.30am this morning I walked past the 'smoking room' that he was sitting in, he spotted me and he just burst out laughing!!! Thirty minutes later I found him again in the self same room and he laughed again and then he went through his emotions of last night's gory horror film!!! Then I had the pleasure of telling him that I had managed to obtain my cup final tickets.

Incidentally ALL of Chelsea's ticket allocation was sold out by midday. I didn't get the tickets I wanted, but I didn't have to enforce 'the you pay for yours and I will pay for mine,' rule that I had set once the selling details were announced.

So 'Que sera, sera whatever will be will be, we're going to WEMBERLEEEEEEEEEE, que sera sera.'

After the tragic death of Philip Carter, Chelsea FC announced today that black armbands will be worn during the home game against Man Ure next Wednesday 9th May.

Further good news received this morning was that Michael Essien WILL not face charges for alleged drink-driving offences as reported last week in the media.

Chelsea Reserves beat Fulham Reserves last night, 1-0 at Motspur Park and finished third in their Barclays Reserve South League.

So here we go. The build up against the Arse on Sunday at Cashburton Grove begins and all I am hoping for, is that the Premiership title CANNOT be decided at Stamford Bridge next Wednesday. SO!!! Work out all the combinations yourself!!!

By the way. If you are wondering how I own an AC Milan shirt (plus an Inter Milan shirt too), I went on a football weekend a few years ago to Milan which included an AC Milan game and a tour round the San Siro. If I remember rightly AC lost 1-0 at home in front of nearly 55,000 people and the atmosphere was just immense.

So when in Milan - what do you do? Buy both Milan football club shirts!!!

And at least I can say I have been to the San Siro!!!!

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