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In Memory of Philip Carter

Football at whatever level is a game and the higher the level the more the competition becomes intense. As many a fan or manager will testify 'Football is Life.'

Unfortunately when you are in the position to travel to matches anywhere you want to - life is life - regardless of whoever you support situations like this tend to be disregarded and the more wealthy you are, the more despised and abused you become.

Sadly I am writing to report that one of Chelsea's Vice-President's Phillip Carter died last night, whilst returning home from Chelsea's failed third attempt to reach the Champions League final at Liverpool. The helicopter that he was travelling in, came down in Cambridgeshire on its approach to land. Three other people including the pilot, lost their lives.

When Liverpool's goalkeeper Reina loses possession's (through a scallywag robbery no doubt trying to raise money to go to Athens) whilst playing in the same game and gets more media attention than the death of an extremely wealthy Chelsea supporter in similar circumstances to those of the late great Matthew Harding - you sometimes wonder where the priorities of the media and TV are in this world.

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