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Chelsea 1-0 Tottenham


Votes are being cast by the fans for their 2006/07 Player of the Year. Michael Essien and Didier Drogba seemed to be the firm favourites to land the fans acclaim.

But consider this - who could be the surprise winner?

Ricardo Carvalho.

Not only did he show the strikers how to score yesterday at Stamford Bridge against Tottenham, picking up a pass from Mikel and striding forwards before unleashing a 25 yarder which bounced wickedly in front of Robinson, he has with the injuries to Cech and JT, kept the defence of Chelsea together with some wonderful performances.

In the past I have been a severe critic of Carvalho, nicknaming him Rickity Rick, but this man has gone from Rickity to solid and with the Chelsea points deficit to ManUre now down to three points, a lot of praise, congratulations and acclaim must be thrown at the feet of one Ricardo Carvalho.

So if you haven't cast your vote yet - give some thought to Ricardo Carvalho's contribution to Chelsea this magnificent season. And it has been a magnificent season no matter what happens between now and the end of it!!!

As for the rest of the game. Chelsea had chances, Tottenham theirs. Robinson made some wonderful saves as did Cech. Drogba was a powerhouse again up front, Sheva desperate to score. SWP whipped in a few dangerous crosses and Mikel continued to show why the fuss over signing him was all about.

The atmosphere wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. Chelsea WON and ManUre LOST and throwing another result into the mix - so DID Arsenal LOL LOL LOL!!!

Normally I would post the goal that won Chelsea the game, but even you have got to admit that Rio's own goal at Portsmouth is worth another look.

Take that look right now:

Cheers Rio, thanks mate LOL LOL LOL LOL

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