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I Was There When We Were S**T

They say 'everything happens in three's' but in Chelsea's case everything today happened in fours.

Firstly not only did Utd score four at Everton after being 2-0 down, secondly Chelsea dropped TWO very important points, thirdly Ricardo Carvalho injured his knee in a challenge with Bolton's Kevin Davies and lastly Chelsea announced this evening that Michael Ballack underwent surgery on his injured ankle on Friday.

I don't feel to bad to be honest. Finally the pressure to win the title race is beginning to lift. After all, the season that Chelsea have endured with all the injuries we have sustained, Chelsea have done fantastically well to be in the position that they are in.

As soon as I saw the back pages of the papers this morning about Big Sam quitting Bolton in the Summer, I just knew today's game was going to be even tougher.

Chelsea DO need a miracle to win the Premiership for the third successive year, but let's face it, it appears at the moment that the title is going to be heading North and to extremely worthy champions.

For a team that can travel to Everton and find themselves 2-0 down midway through the second half with their own injury troubles, then eventually win the game 4-2, fair play to Man Utd.

Although I still stand by the following; That come Wednesday May 9th, Chelsea WILL beat Man Utd at Stamford Bridge. What happens before then? The Manchester derby next Saturday and Arsenal v Chelsea next Sunday is in the hands of the Gods.. or will it be the match officials?

Today at Stamford Bridge and sitting a mere ten yards away from the Assistant Referee, Chelsea were denied a clear-cut, stonewall penalty when Bolton defender Adboulaye Meite clearly handled the ball. Ref Rob Styles would not have seen the incident but he heard the cries of the home crowd, Styles looked across and the Assistant Referee gave NOTHING!!!!

This is the type of incident that has riled our Special One all week and whatever you think or wherever you stand or sit in the debate - Jose is RIGHT and he is SPOT ON. Chelsea DO NOT get penalty decisions!!!!

You may argue that Chelsea didn't get the penalty because of all the media attention this week. But what about GIVING a penalty that IS a penalty?

I could argue that Chelsea should have had another penalty when Essien was dragged down inside the area during the second-half, but that incident wasn't as clear cut as the handball incident was.

Today's result is history - Lets move on to Tuesday. Tuesday is another day and a place in the Champions League final is at stake and I have written before that Liverpool were boasting about beating Chelsea back in January in the game that Carvalho didn't play - after today's sad news Ricky won't be playing Tuesday either!!!

But WE will score at Anfield, no doubt about that!!!!

For a lot of my readers, today's result maybe the end of the world, but trust me it isn't.


The Premiership maybe slipping away from our grasp, but we have got the FA Cup Final and a possible Champions League Final TO look forward to.


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