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Chelsea v Bolton


I am up early to write this as Chelsea have an early start at Stamford Bridge this lunchtime against Bolton. Also kicking off at the same time are the leaders Man Ure, away at Everton, and ALL Chelsea fans will be praying that David Moyes' men can get something out of the game and not forgetting three points for Chelsea.

Michael Ballack is a definite non-starter today. He is still suffering from the injury sustained at Newcastle last weekend and Jose has indicated that Ballack could be back for the Liverpool game on Tuesday night. Surprise news is that Arjen Robben has made a faster than expected recovery, and could find a seat on the bench this afternoon.

Its been great since Wednesday night reading all the stuff about Jose and his right to express his opinions (no matter how forceful they appear to be). Of course when Jose speaks everybody says he is 'moaning,' but when SAF or AW or RB speak, they are talking sense.

Now we have got SAF calling for the authorities to 'punish' Jose for his opinions on Cristiano Ronaldo. One rule for Utd and one rule for everybody else.

I would love to be a fly-on-the-wall in Jose's office when Jose and SAF meet for that expensive glass of wine in about ten days time.

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