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We WILL Score at Anfield!!


Finally Chelsea scored a goal in Europe against the 'Scum' of Liverpool. Five matches and finally a goal. What makes Joey's first half goal so special in last night's enthralling encounter was the goal became the first LEGAL, WITHOUT DISPUTE, WITHOUT CONTROVERSY goal scored between the two teams in recent Champions League competition.

The goal was Chelsea at their best. Carvalho picks the ball up from the edge of his own area, strides forward and then releases a textbook pass to the outside of Dids right foot on Chelsea's right, Dids then flicks the ball back inside of the defender and makes a pass across the 'Scum's' area for the onrushing Joe Cole to smack the ball pass 'Papa' Reina.

It is such a pleasure to see Coley back. If you thought the 'winker' in Ronaldo takes step-over lessons, Coley does more and his are performed 'tongue-in-cheek.'

If you haven't watched Joe Cole play, then the 'tongue-in-cheek' statement has gone straight over your head!!

The noise at Anfield will be incredible next Tuesday and the 'Scum' are already spouting off and reminding everybody how they beat Chelsea in the League back in January, 2-0.

What the 'Scum' failed to mention, Chelsea's defeat included: Cech's first game back in goal after being out for three months. JT was injured and Carvalho fell ill on the morning of the match. With no defence - no disrespect to Ferreria and Essien - what would you expect with Crouch and Kuyt up front??? An easy time!!!

Next Tuesday, Essien should return, Ballack should return (although I certainly didn't miss him last night) and Chelsea WILL be prepared to face 'The Kop.'

Chelsea will score at Anfield (just like Chelsea scored in Valencia, and they did TWICE). Can you believe Liverpool scoring at least THREE!!!! against a defence of Terry and Carvalho (a possible Chelsea Player of the Year).



Here's is Joey's goal again.

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