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Life on Mars OR Anywhere Else in the Solar System!!!

Now I know if I stand in my garden from 8pm to 9.50pm (UK time) in a severe thunderstorm (and sorry you Yank readers for the comparison, I know parts of the US have suffered bad bad storms) I will have a better chance of being struck by lightning TWICE and life being discovered on Mars than Sheff Utd getting any resemblence of a result at Old Trafford tonight.

Now whether they do or whether they don't Chelsea HAVE to win at West Ham on Wednesday and yours truly MIGHT live blog the game to share the emotion, torture and excitement with you... but then again I might not!!!

Knowing the above, let me indulge you with a few vids.

The first is Frank's opener against Blackburn

The second is Ballack's winner against Blackburn (and I was seated dead centre to the goal and had a great view of the ball hitting the net), as for anything else I do not know, as the BIG flag was raised in total celebration and jubilation.

The third vid is a complete compilation of Chelsea's Road to Wembley. Make sure you have your speakers turned up to FULL. The music is brilliant.

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