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Roman - Give Us A Clue?!?!!?


Ever since Chelsea won at the Mestalla, the press have being going overboard how the 'owner' of Chelsea Football Club would be basically a mug to sack Jose Mourinho at the end of this season.

Interestingly and Chelsea's timing could not have been better - emails have already been sent to EVERY registered Chelsea season ticket holder which explains that THEY MUST register their seat renewals by 15/05/07. Two days after the Premiership League season ends on the 13/05/07, six days before ANY FA Cup Final and ten days before ANY Champions League Final. ANY means a Chelsea Final appearance.

Now as a season ticket holder - it is a decision that I cannot take lightly - If Jose gets sacked who the HELL is good enough at the moment to take over the reins of the man who DOES NOT WANT TO LEAVE Chelsea, the man WHO WANTS TO SEE HIS CONTRACT OUT to 2010. In my eyes there is NOBODY!!!

So what do I do? To be honest with you I didn't want to see Ranieri leave. I was lucky (because I was fortunate to be able to afford it) get another season ticket for the first season that Jose took charge, now I have been a season ticket holder since then I don't want to give it up if Jose gets sacked, I want to support the club, but if Jose gets sacked and I renew my season ticket am I supporting the owner who has 'sacked' the GREATEST manager Chelsea have had!!!!

But what do we really believe? The press or the lack of silence from the owner himself. We know that Peter Kenyon is trying to act as some sort of peacemaker, but is there really a peace to be made?

You can only believe what you read and are told, unless you are in the same room when speeches are made and conversation is struck then that's where you are going to hear something that could be labelled the truth.

However we are the fans. We are being asked with a month's notice to commit to something that might never be there when the 2007/08 season kicks off again in August.

Now read below what Jose said this afternoon in his usual pre-match press conference: HE DOES NOT WANT TO LEAVE!!!

"What I have said 20 times at least is that I want to be here and I can not do more than that.
"I am not a liar. I am honest. So when I say 200 times to my players, to my supporters, the board, to everybody, even the people who don't support Chelsea, that I want to stay at Chelsea, I want to honour my contract, I want to be here.
"I love the club, and I love English football, I can do no more that.
"I have forbidden my agent to speak with other clubs, I don't want my name to be linked with other jobs."


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