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FA Cup Semi-Final


I am off to the 'Theatre of Dreams' on Sunday for Chelsea's FA Cup semi-final with Blackburn and having been there for last season's failed semi-final attempt against Liverpool, I have to admit I am really looking forward to the return trip.

Firstly I am not driving, somebody else is. Secondly I haven't got to find a parking space, somebody else has to. Thirdly on the way home I can rest, relax (whatever the result) and not have to worry about 'falling asleep' at the wheel cos somebody else can have the worry.

Lastly I am so looking forward to the return to Old Trafford because I think I am in the same seats as last year and I have to say, the view was superb, the view was unrestricted and the view was unobstructed and the seats were padded to boot. Not bad for £25. I even expected to be kicked out of these padded seats, despite being told by the entrance steward they were the correct seats!!!

Although I have the programme and seat tickets from last year, I am unable to provide photographic evidence due to the fact that said camera packed up working without even a picture being taken. This year I expect no problems as I will thoroughly check out the latest owned model and make sure an extra supply of batteries are taken.

So with all that in place



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