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Trust Me There Is More to Come



I sat at home after work twitching, drinking, twitching, drinking (and I am still drinking) and that was before the game started.

Once the game started I livened up, loosened up and started to relax for the first time all bleeding day. Even when Valencia had their 'five' minute purple patch when Morientes hit the post, then scored and then Ashley Cole cleared off the line, I knew we would score and I knew we would score two. When we would score them was another matter.

What I didn't expect was a complete domination of the game by a Chelsea team, led by Jose Mourinho in the 'so-called' hot bed of the Mestalla. The Mestalla, where English teams of the past have fallen.

Chelsea DO NOT fall where other teams have. Not with the 'Special One' in charge. Falling or failing is NOT in the Special One's mentality as Chelsea's performance especially in the second-half and Michael Essien's last minute winner proved, then in my household sent this writer into something equivalent to heaven. Had that white light appeared in front of me, I would have happily made my way and walked through it.

Thats it for the moment till I gather my thoughts even more and gauge and pick up more reaction elsewhere.


If we are to believe your plans to dispense with the services of the SPECIAL ONE, after tonight's performance, do it on your own head and conscience!!!!

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