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Well!!!! Didn't I Tell You?!?!?!?!

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About six days ago I previewed the up and coming Internationals and qualifiers that players of Chelsea Football Club would be entering into - ie Euro 2008 and African Cup of Nations.

I made the point about Ben Sahar, Chelsea's 17 year old Israeli International, the youngest player to represent his country and club at International level, well now he has become Chelsea's youngest EVER full International goalscorer.

I told you to watch out for him. Last night (Wednesday) Ben came on as a substitute for Israel against Estonia n the 64th minute and by the 80th minute he had scored TWO goals in the space of three minutes. His second was a beauty. The hapless goalkeeper was unfortunately Emirates XI 99th choice 'keeper, Mart Poom.

Check out Ben's Israeli 'superstar' staus below:

Ben's 1st Goal (Israel 3-0 Estonia)

Ben's 2nd Goal (Israel 4-0 Estonia)