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So JOL!! Who is the SPECIAL ONE Now???

fa-cup4.jpgMe, my boy, the Chelsea team and no doubt most of West London and Surrey and the rest of the World will take themselves off to Old Trafford, the home of ManURE (well not only does ManURE have an olympic gold medalist in diving, they are simply full of s**t) for a semi-final FA Cup tie on Sunday 15th April.

As for Old Trafford itself, you really cannot argue that the stadium is THE first class Club stadium in England. I cannot say the world because I haven't been to any (but if there is a sponsor out there that wants to pay me to LIVE blog matches from ANYWHERE in the world, then give me a call), but Old Trafford is better than the San Siro, because I have been there.

I wish I was as relaxed for the home game as I was last night for the replay. My nerves were shattered for at least two days after the game at Stamford Bridge, and to calm them their nerves, I drank copious amounts of alcohol after.

Last night however as well as cooking dinner, I DRANK copious amounts of the poison before the game and I was ready for anything that Jol and his Tottenham upstarts could throw at us.

Which at the end of the day the only thing 'thrown' at Chelsea was an irate Spurs hooligan attempts to Lamp our Super Frank whilst the team - were quite rightly celebrating their victory in front of the travelling horders of Blue and White.

In a fantastic second-half spell 'The Shev' scored a sensational goal and SWP (Shaun Wright-Phillips) gave food for thought with his own stunner, after Didier had chested down a long ball into his path.

These goals are available (somewhere) for you to view, but so I can continue my 'glow' for another day or two and hopefully wind up the owner of the 'Tottenham' blog for a little while longer, I will delay posting Andriy's and Shaunie's goals.

Anyway as a taster for the Premiership game - 7th April - between the two sides at Stamford Bridge - a new song for Tottenham fans to listen too!!!

'Stand up, if you're in the cup, stand up if you're in the cup, stand up if you're in the cup... etc etc etc'

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