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Carling Cup Final: Chelsea v Arsenal


Lets start off by saying I am not going to Cardiff, Wales tomorrow to see the final because I don't see why I have to endure hours on the road with approx 70,000 other people, or pay exorbitant amounts of money to get the train where I would probably have to stand for the duration of the journey.

I find it completely inconcievable that London still hasn't got its WEMBLEY back. Seven years on since the old Wembley closed, fans from London especially with two clubs competing in a major final have to migrate to another country for the day.

There is a perfectly good stadium in South West London that could comfortably house London's big day on Sunday and that is Twickenham rugby ground where England play their International rugby matches.

But right from the start when Wembley closed the authorities that are the RFU said no to the FA about sharing the ground for major cup finals and England Internationals. Smacks of sheer stubborness if you ask me.

The authorities that look after the UK's crumbling road system have warned of serious delays, which makes great reading.

Here is an article that you might enjoy from a Chelsea writer who believes that Chelsea are in a no win situation.

Chelsea and Arsenal have already played out a 1-1 draw in the Premiership at Stamford Bridge when midfield powerhouse Michael Essien scored that sensational equaliser. Wanns see it again?

With John Terry out injured, Chelsea will miss Essien's midfield dominance, buy hey he is not a bad centre-half?!?

The Shev seems to be finding his goalscoring boots as well as working hard for the team, so what thousands of chelsea fans will want to see now is for Ballack to start proving his weekly £130,000 wage and start turning in the performances sorely missed for his rather over inflated reputation.

So tomorrow morning I will wake up relaxed, take some breakfast, get the papers and a few bottles of booze, settle down and watch the match live on TV and hope for the Blue ribbons to put placed on the cup at the end of the game.

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