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Champions League: Porto v Chelsea


As an appetiser to tonight's main action in the warmer climes of Portugal, Ashley Cole injured a short few weeks ago against Blackburn Rovers at Stamford Bridge returns tonight for the Reserves as they take on the reserves of Reading FC.

Reading. You know the club. The club that featured not one but TWO players that put our goalkeepers out of the game in one match!!!

I hate it when the reserves have to play on the same night as the first team, because they get put on the back burner and it is another opportunity lost to watch the youngsters, who dream of wearing the first team shirt, progress and hopefully secure another victory. The reserves haven't lost a game on the road this season and I thoroughly enjoy watching the live coverage that is available on Chelsea TV.

Back to the main course. If you were lucky to see pictures of Jose's arrival in Portugal yesterday, anybody could have thoughT it was a major pop band arriving in the country. There were Porto fans as well as Chelsea fans, press, TV crews all waiting to catch a glimpse of our 'Special One' and judging by the reaction of the welcome Jose received, he is still the favourite son of Porto.

But lets not get carried away too much. Jose and Chelsea still have to enter the stadium in less than two hours time and the reaction could turn hostile and the result could be comparable to the 2-1 loss that Chelsea suffered in a Champions League game in Jose first season.

I had considered 'live' blogging this game but then as I get all worked up the same as if I was in the stadium, it really would not be worth it.

In thirteen days time I will be at the second leg, in the The Shed End stand, the spiritual home of Chelsea supporters and not away fans so there is no need for me to consider 'live' blogging the second leg AT ALL!!


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