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Bits and Pieces - 14/02/07


Before I go off and 'do the old Romantic bit' for Valentines Day, here are today's bits and pieces in the world of Chelsea Football Club.

Chelsea's FA Cup fifth round opponents are??? - to find out

Read what Chelsea and Israel's YOUNGEST International has to say about his debut last week against Ukraine -

Essien, Essien, Essien. If you are out and about in SW London on Thursday, Michael Essien will be at the megastore between 4pm - 6pm - Me I will be at work!! -

Finally for today because love is calling me, despite their QPR 'Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting' two of the Chinese players were given the opportunity to train with the first team today -

See you tomorrow after the air of love has disappeared and we start the build up on Saturday against Norwich.