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Scott Sinclair

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For those of you who are not aware of the name in the title, Scott Sinclair is a future Chelsea star who is currently on loan for one month at Championship side Plymouth Argyle.

Today 17 year old Scott scored undoubtedly the goal of the 4th Round in the FA Cup, for Plymouth at Barnet, a goal even better than Wayne Rooney's for Man Ure against Portsmouth and David Nugent's for Preston against Crystal Palace.

Lets put it this way. Had Rooney scored this type of goal or Ronaldinho scored this type of goal we would be forced to watch the goal 24/7, 365 days a year. So you get my meaning.

This goal by Scott should be 'forced' on us because it proves that there is English born talent on these shores that can play football without the spend of millions of pounds that the majority of clubs including Chelsea find so easy.

Also it mocks the 'kids' tag that Emirates XI have because most of their 'kids' are 25 and have been signed by Arsene Whinger to supplement his already large French XI. Not only are his so-called kids French, but throw in a few Brazilians, Spanish, Ivorians and the like, where does the English fit in?

Just an observation.

Anyway. Enjoy ENGLISH born Scott Sinclair's goal if you havent already seen it. (Who is Theo Walcott?)