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No Dice.....or money for that matter


Chelsea, long known for seemingly endless pockets, have shut the spending door for the transfer period. Jose Mourinho has come out publicly to say that his request for players was met with unwilling eyes and ungiving hands. He seems to have responded with the refusal to let any players go, stating that he needs everyone he can get.

This seems to be the first step in a possible removal of Mourinho, as the rumours have been circulating around recently. Relations appear to have withered between the multi-billionare and the "Special One". It seems to be that if Mourinho can't deliver the Champions League then the only spending money he'll get will go towards a one-way ticket back to Portugal (or wherever his next job may be).

With Chelsea's current record of two draws and a win since the New Year, it seems unlikely that they can make a run to the Champions League Final. Of course, other factors play in, such as JT, Cech, Robben, Cole, Boulahrouz, and Cudicini all being out. However, as my grandfather always taught me, stick with your team through the thick and the thin and when the going gets rough just keep on going.....or something like that.

The return of Terry and Cech will most certainly cut down on our current defensive problems. The clash against Wycombe resulted in a meager 1-1 draw, but Mourinho seems to be pleased and thats good enough for me. I hope that Chelsea is ready to throw everything they have at Wigan on Saturday in an effort to gain some points back up on Manchester United.

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