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....Its that Portuguese temper again.....


For the most part, Jose has this pretty good policy of taking the attention off his players and drawing it instead to him. He's acknowledged it himself, and I think it works to everyones benefit because it provides the players with less drama, and the fans with more entertainment (after all, who doesn't love Jose's crazy bursts of nonsense?)

The major flaw in this policy of his is the fact that occasionally he forgets the whole purpose of it and decides to have a go at his own players. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that publicly announcing that your players suck (ok, he didn't go that far, but it was pretty close) isn't great for public relations, nor for team morale.

Later in his interview he did address another problem that I think is a pretty big one for Chelsea, the EPL, and football in general. When asked if he wanted to buy any players during the transfer season, Jose responded with

"If the club asks for my opinion, I would say 'yes' to new players but at the same time, when I see the eyes of some clubs and they want incredible money for very ordinary players, I would say 'no'."

There has been a lot of talk recently about problems, mainly due to Chelsea's incredible spending, with increased value of players. I mean, look at Shaun Wright-Phillips. Nothing against him, I think he is an incredible player in all respects, but was he really worth 21 million pounds? Or was Paulo Ferreira worth 13.2 million?

Sure, you could say Chelsea can afford it, but does that mean its right? All I know is that we need to do something to catch up with Manchester United, whether it be buy another central defender or just train our players better. I would rather them not buy another one just because it would be pointless with John Terry coming back so soon, but if Ferreira and Geremi can't cut it then maybe that is the solution.....

What I am sure of is that Jose blasting his own players will not solve any problems, except make Chelsea look even worse in the public eye.

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