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Well, its been a few days since my last post and a great deal actually has happened. Chelsea has played three games, against Newcastle in the League Cup, and agaisnt Wigan and Reading in the Premiership.

Drogba has been his usual self, scoring one goal against Newcastle, and a brace against Reading today. Unfortunately that wasn't enough to clinch the game, as Reading came back to tie it 2-2 (albeit with a little help from an own goal by Cole and Essien :-/).

Truth be told, I have mixed feelings about Chelsea's recent play. While they aren't blowing teams out of the water, they are starting to give more exciting matches to watch, if only by accident. I compare it to the exhibition game against the MLS All-Stars last summer; that was a game where Chelsea went in bored but were playing their hearts out at the end, especially John Terry. Against Everton and Wigan we nearly drew, winning only by the courageous play of Drogba and Robben, respectively.

Today's game was more about wasted chances, but not just one sided. Reading had some good ones, and nearly took the lead at least twice. Yet it was more of sloppiness by Chelsea than finesse by Reading that tied the game. All in all, Chelsea is definately not playing at the level they are capable of- bad for points, but hell, it makes for exciting matches and thats the whole point of football anyway right? Entertainment.

Chelsea now remains in second in the EPL, four points behind Manchester United who continue their fantastic streak with wins over Aston Villa and Wigan, mainly due to Ronaldo's top form. That kid has been incredible recently.

Sir Alex threw some humor to the holidays by 'demanding' an apology from Mourinho, who had previously said that Chelsea would be top spot by Christmas. Though Jose was man enough to apologize for his comments on Johnson, I sincerly doubt he will retract this statement. :-)

In other news, Abramovich has proclaimed that his unlimited budget will stop being tapped in future years as Chelsea's youth and academy system is beginning to provide. I think this is a great idea, as it will help to develop young talent and establish a greater fanbase for Chelsea, not just crazed frontrunners dressed in blue.

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