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Čech to make speedy return?

The horrendous injury to Petr Čech was expected to take him out for a minimum of six months, most likely a year. Yet news reports suggest that he is on his way to a fast recovery, as early as January and only as late as February.

There is a fear that he might be afraid of returning (similar to Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights I'm sure), but Petr has said that he has no recollection of the event whatsoever, hence he has nothing to be afraid of.

I for one hope that he makes the recovery a full one, and doesn't get rushed onto the pitch anytime before he should. Cudicini and Hilario have impressed as backups, but even if they hadn't, and it meant losing games, I would rather Čech stay put. He is already undisputed top five, if not top three, best goalkeepers in the world and he is only 24. The prime age for a goal keeper is around 33 I would say, but most go on much longer than that. I mean, look at van der Sar or Oliver Kahn. I hope he makes a complete recovery, not only for Chelsea, but for himself too. If that means waiting until next year then I think it will be well worth it.

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