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Oh Jose


The "Special One" has done it again. Provoked controversy that is, not won another Champions League Final (that comes in about.....five months)

Everton is demanding an apology over Jose's comments on their striker Andrew Johnson. Jose was incensed that Johnson drew a penalty over his (almost) clash with Hilario. Now we all know Jose, he is part of the reason why the EPL is so fantastic, simply because he causes drama, sometimes (ok, a lot) where there really isn't any drama at all. With all due respect, his comments were a bit out of hand, and a bit silly really.

"He's dangerous for opponents because you cannot trust him, and I was not happy with that......In my country we call them 'intelligent' players. In other countries you use different words and are critical.....[but] for me when a player chases a penalty, he is no longer an intelligent player"

Everton's manager, David Moyes, was pretty fair about it and behaved better than Mourinho. He admitted that it shouldn't have been a penalty, but was adament that Johnson hadn't taken a dive either. He pointed out the incident with Cech, saying that in that case the striker didn't jump out of the way and Jose got angry, and now that a stiker does jump out of the way he continues to be angry.

I don't know if Johnson purposely pursued a penalty or not, but I do know that Mourinho speaks a little too much a little too often. But, like I said, its just what makes the EPL interesting to watch, before, during, and the interviews after matches too.

Make the decision yourself by watching the video

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