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FC Porto for the Draw

Hello my enormous and wonderful fanbase! (Hey, I can pretend)

Its time again for another Champions League Round of 16, also known as the early Christmas present for some coughManUcough, and the reason why Satan is Santa rearranged for others.

Chelsea didn't get a bad draw, but not the best either. Lille would have been better, but if you can't be confident enough to beat teams at any point of the competition, then you really don't deserve to win it anyway. FC Porto was our pick out of the hat, and while it certainly won't be an easy feat, I'm not complaining, though Mourinho/Carvalho/Ferreira will certainly get some flak for it when their celebrating Christmas in Portugal.

Although I too am Portuguese I fully support Sporting, despite their less-than-perfect record. And, given this, Porto deserves to be crushed by Chelsea :-)

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