This and That

David Luiz continues to be an awesome person

We all know about David Luiz' work with Chelsea's Bridge Kids programme, but that doesn't seem to be enough for David Luiz. He's gone wild and got himself another charity role, this time with the UN.

Suddenly, a wild Dalla Bona appears

The curious case of Samuele Dalla Bona or how Chelsea were killing football even before Abramovich and Mourinho.

Another day, another false Hazard-to-PSG rumor

The latest Eden Hazard to PSG rumor was just another English tabloid fabrication.


"Chelsea always pay their debts" - football + GoT

Ever wonder which Game of Thrones faction best represents Chelsea and the other big clubs? Of course you have.

Brace yourselves for BS

We get to look forward to stories about Jose Mourinho and traitors. Hurray!

Jose Mourinho only asks for three things

Welcome to Mourinho Fight Club. If this your first night, you have to fight.

Jordania threatens CEO, gets banned from Vitesse

Former Vitesse caretaker owner has been banned from the Gelredome for three years and has been reported to the police after allegedly threatening the club's current CEO, Joost de Wit.


United's season in one video

They chose... poorly

It's hard to be humble when you're Captain Awesome

In a parallel timeline, Andre Villas-Boas built our Champions League-winning team. Unfortunately for AVB, we do not live in that parallel timeline.

Win a cardboard cutout of Fernando Torres

It might make better runs than the real thing!


This is why Lollichon is one of the best

Chelsea's goalkeeper coach ups the ante at practice with a tennis ball. Catch that!

If they had Arsenal's PR...

Imagining a world in which everyone was talked about as though they were Arsenal.

Willian tempts fate ahead of crucial Spurs clash

Don't rock the style-boat in the middle of the season! This is Football 101. Sheesh.

Mourinho now has a Tumblr... blog... thing

The Reblogging Hipstery One.

Wait, Smertin was at Stamford Bridge on business?

Apparently he's now a technical director at Dinamo Moscow. Interesting...

Safe standing survey for Chelsea supporters

An important survey from the Chelsea Supporters Trust

Drogba could join coaching staff this summer

Well this sounds fun.

On Jose Mourinho and his 'mind games'

Or: Our manager is a professional troll and that's amusing.

Mourinho, the man your manager could smell like

Hello, Arsenal, look at your manager, now back to me, now back at your manager, now back to me. Sadly, he isn't me, but if he stopped using loser's scented body wash and switched to Old Spice, he could smell like he's me.

Once and forever unique: Chelsea legend Eddie McCreadie

Catch up with the interesting, one-of-a-kind story of Eddie McCreadie. Left back, manager, legend.

Mourinho: Wenger a specialist in failure

You'd have thought that Arsene Wenger would know better than to have a go at Mourinho by now.

The newest addition to the top of the table zoo

The amount of animal metaphors is just too damn high!

Turns out David Luiz and Willian have a history

An adorable, adorable history.

Mourinho's ego claims another Chelsea victim

Straight from inside sources to your eyeballs, thanks to the Daily

No wonder they fired him...

Joe Kinnear apparently thought Newcastle were going to pull a Willian on Chelsea

Drogba rumored to be joining Seattle

Seattle landing the big Ivorian would be a coup for MLS

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