Fire Paul Hayward

"Out of context" out of context


Hey look the Eden Hazard thing is back.

99 better players than Hazard, says Guardian


The Guardian's top 100 (100-71 edition) list turns out to be really, really stupid

All of a sudden, everybody loves Lampard


Narrative shift ahoy!

All the conjecture that's fit to print Re Rooney


Here's Oliver "Qatari conspiracy" Kay with all the latest "news."

David Luiz to Bayern rumors bite the dust

The Catalan press are inventing rumors to 'unsettle' Jose Mourinho? Shocking!

Juan Mata addresses his future, and it's Blue

It must kill the Spanish press that one of their most dynamic young players is willingly choosing to stay at a club employing the man that ruins football everywhere he goes

Marca keep on being Marca


Have you ever worked for Marca? Then you're a terrible human being.

Benitez, the media and confirmation bias


Want coherent, unbiased analysis on Rafa Benitez's tenure? You might not find it on a Chelsea blog -- but you definitely won't see it in the mainstream media.

Yousa thinken' yousa people ganna get old?


It turns out that Frank Lampard and John Terry are kind of old and broken and not the same great players they once were.

Looking at the ridiculous Thibaut Courtois story

Haven't had your daily dose of stupidity from the worst paper in England yet? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Rafa Benitez for manager of the year


In which Graham attempts to impersonate the general footballing media

Fernando Torres and the best headline ever


Sometimes hilariously-misleadin headlines are also, well, hilarious.

Stupid rumor of the day: Chalobah to Arsenal


When exactly did silly season become stupid season?

The Sun made up the Terry/Rafa rift...Shocking!


Is anyone really surprised that this "story" was all make believe?

Hey look a misleading headline


Dan Petrescu has 'blasted' Roman Abramovich. By saying he shouldn't have fired Roberto di Matteo. Uh huh.

David Luiz: The witch hunt continues


A certain Brazilian centre back has been criticised for his performance against West Ham United last weekend, a complaint that... um... does not exactly hold up.

Clattenburggate brings all the boys to the yard


Round-up of the latest media coverage of Mark Clattenburg's "inappropriate language" fiasco, including the most controversial article yet as well as a WAGNH mention by a weekly magazine.

Daniel Sturridge victim of poor subediting


The Guardian doesn't seem particularly keen on making friends with us here at WAGNH Headquarters following a recent interview with Chelsea striker Daniel Sturridge.

More on the media portrayal of Clattenburg


On top of some incredible comments from managers on the Clattenburg affair, it's hard not to be incensed by some of the words being written by men on the sorry issue.

Racism and Clattenburg: The depressing truth


The media coverage of the Mark Clattenburg affair has brought one stark fact to light: Racism in football is still not being taken seriously.

Warnock and Darke need to think before they speak

Neil Warnock and Ian Darke had some comments today on the Chelsea complaint against Mark Clattenburg. Both should really shut their mouths until the facts come out.

Paul Hayward tweets lunacy about ref allegations


Yeah, Paul Hayward is a troll of the highest order. Is anyone surprised he said something dumb?

The Daily Mail contradicts itself and simple facts


Falcao's depreciation and HULK's destination - further adventures in journalism courtesy of The Daily Mail.

On transfer rumours, part lots


Another Twitter IKT confesses, admits he hoodwinked journalists.

David Luiz flies to Barcelona, causes transfer rumour havoc


Turns out the Daily Mirror is still ridiculous.

Sky Sports Are As Helpful As Ever


Sky Sports are reporting that Fulham are in for Yossi Benayoun. Except they're not.

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