The CB that Chelsea NEEDS



Once upon a time, I touted ex-Chelsea favourite David Luiz as a future Blue captain who would eventually assume John Terry's mantle as a defensive stalwart under Jose Mourinho's tutelage. Never have I been so wrong, and Mou was sharp and savvy enough to rob PSG of £50 million in clear daylight.

Last night's 7-1 Hummeliation has finally given me closure to move on from Sideshow's sale. Mainly because I now see and understand that Luiz was never capable of becoming the defensive rock I thought he could be. The ideal CB marshals are born not made, or at the very least moulded from a very young age. Despite his infections passion, Luiz will always be the complementary defender to the true leader from the back. Same goes for Cahill, Ivanovic and perhaps our other young CBs.

John Terry is one such world class CB. He shares similar qualities to the following list of other world class CBs:

Barcelona's Carles Puyol

Undoubtedly the heart and soul and defensive rock of Barcelona. Even when age and injury caught up with him, Barca's defence was always more impervious with him on the pitch. Puyol plays with his lion heart on his sleeve, marshals the backline fiercely and inspires confidence to his teammates, club and fans alike when he plays.

Manchester United's Nemanja Vidic

Vidic was an absolute beast at his best, great in the air and fearless in his tackles and challenges. In the peak of their careers, Vidic and Rio Ferdinand formed one of the world's most formidable CB partnership that only few could rival. Despite being turned inside out by the Fernando Torres of old one time too many, he remains as one of the best CB during his prime.

Manchester City's Vincent Kompany

Kompany's commanding presence and influence in City's backline more than makes up for his sub-par defensive partner(s). It is the essence, which the fortress of Etihad thrives on en route to their two EPL titles. Kompany was sorely missed whenever he was injured or absent and it almost derailed City's relentless charge to championships.

PSG's Thiago Silva

Although I never watched him play for PSG or AC Milan, I do know that TSilva is absolute class. He has all the necessary qualities for a leading CB and I am pretty sure that Brazil wouldn't have been pummeled as badly if he had been in the lineup.

There are definitely other commanding CBs that I have missed out on (especially the Serie A: Juventus, Internazionale and AC Milan legends) but this list would be endless and pointless as I digress from the subject of this post.

The point of this post is that, with John Terry's time at the Bridge coming to an end, there is a very glaring need for Chelsea to find and secure another CB of his quality. It's not just about having the necessary individual world class attributes, but the intangibles such as: marshaling the defence, inspiring confidence, great bus parking skills. It's what the world class CB brings to the team and how he makes everyone a better footballer, especially the defenders and specifically the partnering CB(s) just by being present on the field.

Now, I'm very certain that as good as Cahill and Ivanovic are, they definitely do not make the cut. What about our youth CBs? Zouma, Chalobah, Ake, Omeruo, Kalas the lot? Do they have the necessary qualities or at least show potential of it? If not, or if it'll take time for them to develop and mature into that role, should we pursue a world class leading CB? And who are they?

These are the questions I pose to you dear WAGNH readers because I myself don't know the answers. I only know that our Captain, Leader, Legend's time is running out and we NEED to find a more than suitable replacement. Because without a CB of this calibre, well, just ask David Luiz and friends (excluding TSilva).

I would die before I see Chelsea get themselves done in like that.

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