Under the WAGNHoscope: Eden Hazard [Evaluated]

Julian Finney

His name is Eden Hazard and the WAGNH community have responded about what they liked and disliked about Eddie.

What you loved:

  1. Potential - Incredible potential. He can easily become the greatest ever player in a Blue kit, and that's saying something. He's only 23 right now. Many of you feel he is a future Ballon d'Or winner.
  2. Technical Ability - Has a Messi-like control of the ball and that continues while he is dribbling. Really hard to take the ball off him without pushing him away or fouling him. The fact he is very pacy and has a low centre of gravity allows him to turn easily while remaining at top speed.
  3. Passing and Finishing - He can easily put the killer ball and he can finish really well. Has scored plenty of brilliant goals and racks up a lot of assists.
  4. Explosiveness - One moment he just sits on the ball, the next second he's beyond two defenders who were supposed to be marking him.
  5. Determination - He comes across as an ambitious person.
  6. Arrival - Trolled the footballing world in the way he arrived. It was epic how Man Utd fans tried to reassure themselves that Kagawa is better than Hazard.
  7. Penalties - That no-look approach is pretty cool. Though it does scare you on occasions, you do love that approach.

Best comment goes to Juhopa:

Eden is a glorious manifestation of talent, hard work, determination, and handsomeness. The future Ballon D'or winner 2016-2036 deserves all the love and adoration that is poured upon him. He exquisitely shows defenders everything they're doing wrong, all the while creating and finishing opportunities. His prowess proves to the world why he is who they will compare Pelé and Messi to when his time as a professional footballer comes to a close. Eden Hazard is the beauty that is football. He is the reason the game was invented and he is the reason it will continue on forever


Credit to Deadraizer for the image. He uploaded plenty of gifs too, check them here.

What you loathed:

  1. Consistency - He talks in his interviews about how he wants to reach the level of Messi and Ronaldo but still isn't anywhere near their consistency. In both of his seasons here, he has had some particularly quiet spells. He also goes missing at times in matches.
  2. Workrate - We have seen improvement in this regard under Mourinho but he still is lacking defensively. His failure to track Juanfran in the Atletico game has cost us.
  3. Decision Making - He sometimes passes when he needs to shoot and vice versa. While his decision making is good, it's not great and it has room for improvement.
  4. Desire - Has been criticized for not taking training seriously and appearing disinterested on occasion.
  5. Press - His interview after our CL exit was questionable. Then he gave an interview in a PSG shirt and then joked he'll move to PSG if his wife says so. Not the best on the mic.
  6. Shooting - Doesn't shoot often and at times looks predictable.

Best comment goes to Habanc and kiruha:

What's holding Eden back is his mental side of the game. No, he doesn't commit many howlers (still a little huffy over his defensive lapses against Atletico), he's better than David Luiz. However, he does seem to lack the mental focus and drive to keep his performance up for all ninety minutes of each game. He can disappear within matches, sometimes looking slow or out of ideas. Whether this is a problem of experience, confidence, or how he approaches the game, I don't know. But if he wants to reach the heights he's said he dreams of, he needs to bring his ingenuity and brilliance 37 out of 38 games a year. A Ballon d'Or isn't awarded for twenty impressive games and ten muted ones. -Habanc

Needs to become more consistent, and less emotional at times (questionable interview after CL exit). He does not score as much as most think he should (including himself), but I personally think that this is due to his lack of confidence on his finishing rather than problems with decision making. While he did score some magnificent goals, both curlers and powerful efforts, there were also times when his shots flew straight in to the keeper one after another. Coincidentally, after a series of shots like that he went several games without making any attempts. Evidently finishing is just not his strongest side, and he knows that. But with the level of determination he has shown and under the stewardship of Jose, I do expect him to improve on this. -kiruha

Conclusion: Eden Hazard has the potential to be the best player of the world. His blend of pace, technical ability, determination and explosiveness combined with the fact he is just 23 makes him a frightening player - an unstoppable force for defenders. Till then, he needs to work on his consistency, workrate, decision making and discipline on and off the pitch.

In the poll, Hazard's average rating turns out to be 8.5. In WAGNH's community ratings, Hazard was rated 7.1 (though the highest is 7.3, Nemanja Matic). It also has to be said there were plenty of troll "1" votes which I didn't count. If you count them, then the average rating turns out to be 7.7.

We will use a poll now to decide the next player voted. If it's a tie, it's my choice whoever is chosen. If you want someone else, mention in the comments (and vote the option "Anyone else" so I can see how many of you want a different player - and if someone has mentioned the name of the player in a comment you want then rec his comment).

Petr Cech is the next to be evaluated. Click here to see his initial thread and evaluate him.

This FanPost was contributed by a member of the community and was not subject to any sort of approval process. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions held by the editors of this site.

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