Mourinho Tranfer Window League.

Here is some figures done & expected from Jose Mourinho's 3 Transfer windows it is Full-Bloodied Surgery, i guess most will be happier with this.

I've not included performance bonuses of Luiz & Fabregas.

Player ££ Reason
Done Juan Mata 37.5 Not fitting the system. Wantedmore in World cup year MU
Kevin Debruyne 17.1 Work Ethic & mysteriously he did play badly during that time or maybe he was dwarfed by Oscar & Hazard in comparison. Wolfsberg
David Luiz 44 Just check the price. Costliest Defender ever. PSG
Expected Gael Kakuta 1.5 Never Flourished
Ryan Bertrand 7 Setteled for B Grades.
Demba'ba 8 Will happen as we will sign another striker. Newcastle/QPR/X/Y/Z
Marko Marin 5 Will happen. Injured mostly & not upto mark (Marko). E.Frankfurt
Victor Moses 5 Just not that good. X/Y/Z
Ramires 25 Pogba is coming. RM/Juventes
Obi Mikel 10 Tiago is replacement short time Long time maybe chalobah & Ake. Valencia/Gala/Inter
Petr Cech 15 Random should be arnd this figure. He is still damn good but Club is looking at future. Monaco/PSG/Juventes.
Total 175.1
Done MVG 8 Good buy will be world class definetly.
Kurt Zouma 12 Definetly verygood potential buy. Mou paid more for him than he did for Varane.
Schurrle 18 Good Buy, he will be definete surprise package as goal scorer this year.
Willian 30 Not at all justified his price tag. Lets hope next season he does. Atlest 10-12 goals for game time he sees.
Salah 11 Good start, even if he reaches 10 goals he is great buy. Will grow from that.
Matic 21 Do I need to say anything. He will be best DM in world next year as Javi Martinez will be worst CD.
Fabregas 26.6 He will see lot of game time and what we win will depend lot on him.
Costa 32 Should adapt and score 20+ with creating more directly or indirectly.
Expected Varane 25 If they want ramires which quite strogly they do Marca is almost running daily article on him. But have a feeling if he comes Ivanovic might, might go.
X/Y/Z Striker 20 Lavezzi/Mandzukic/X/Y/Z
Pogba 55 He won't cost a penny less than 60 m to chelsea. But any negotition will feature 14.5 m They owe us But if he dosen/t come then Khedira & Kroos, should be around 25-30 m. So 25-30m saved.
Luis 19 Excellent buy. He is someone who will help Hazard push like he did Koke.
Total 277.6

Also 103 m is not at all bad considering replacements are equal or better, People are doing worse than this look at barcelona, What do you guys think?

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