Will Diego Costa fill the Shoes of Drogba ?

Jose Mourinho ( The Special One) arrival to Stamford Bridge last season made us all to dream again to Claim the Title. But Unfortunately we ended up third. We won the matches with the top teams , But always Struggled with the relegation ones ! Mourinho every week in & week out claimed it's due to lack of a killer Striker ! !

A lot of rumours were going on but Finally Chelsea FC has Signed a Striker "Diego Costa" who competed with Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi in the Goal Scoring Chart last Season and finished just behind the World's 2 best Players.

But ,

Will he make a Difference ? ?

Will he Quench Jose Mourinho's thirst for a Killer Striker ? ?

Chelsea FC plays with a formation of 4-2-3-1. This Formation suits best for the team. But Generally this Formation declines the performance of a striker, Since there are 3 attacking midfielders behind the Striker and all 3 would love to be on the name sheets as Well. It's not they are Selfish, tactically this formation helps those 3 behind Striker to go for Goal. So only the attacking midfilders Hazard , Oscar, Willian , Salah, Schurrle perform well for the Blues , which ultimately end up in Striker's decline. (For eg: If Lionel Messi as a Striker can Score 60 goals per season normally , in this 4-2-3-1 Formation he can Score only 30 odd goals).Torres, Demba ba and Eto'o are Good Players even now on high demand for Top Flight teams in Europe but they couldnt fill the Shoes of Drogba. They play a different way which aint suit our Formation.

Then, a Question arises. If so, Can't the Strikers shine at Chelsea FC ?

Why not ? Didier Drogba shone for the Blues, turned out to be a Chelsea Legend. The Secret to Success for a Striker at Chelsea is he needs to be playing like Drogba.

Then What made Special One to Sign Diego Costa?

It's not just because he Scored 36 goals in Last Season. The reason is Diego Costa Plays typically like Drogba. His movement when the ball his coming his way, Keeping the defense under his Control, being a constant threat upfront, holding the ball,Scoring at Crucial times . So Once this Diego Costa gets used to the Surroundings, Its Gonna be a Party time in Stamford Bridge.

As you all know Diego Costa was a flop in the World Cup. The reason is because

  • He is not used to Tiki-Taka
  • He wasn't fully fit after recovering from his Injury.
  • Spanish-Brazil dilemma, So He hadn't Played enough with the Spanish team until two weeks before the World Cup !

This Led to him being One of the Flops of the World Cup. But nothing to worry, it's all gonna be different with Chelsea FC. Dont expect him to Score 35 odd Goals in First Season. But you can be Sure he will Score 20 odd Goals if he is not affected by Injuries.

Chelsea FC, Your Killer Striker is here.

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