Wolfsburg may be trying to reunite Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin C. Cox

In happier times, when we were all a bit younger, Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne sat down with Chelsea TV's Gigi Salmon for an informal interview.  There were jokes, there were laughs, there were hopes, there were plans.  Look at those two doofuses, not a care in the world!

Just twelve months later, it's all changed.  Kevin De Bruyne is long gone, leaving behind a tidy profit a memories of a few excellent set piece deliveries.  He's been with Wolfsburg since January and he's done as well as one could've expected while helping the club to within a point of a Champions League spot.  So well in fact, that Wolfsburg may be looking to reward him with a new playmate, his ol' buddy and great pal Romelu Lukaku.

Of course, with every new day, a new potential contender emerges for Lukaku's signature.  Wolfsburg join a queue at least three teams long in waiting with bated breath for Lukaku to come on down from vacation mountain and announce where he's taking his complete talents.  Any takers in Cleveland, OH?

So: Wolfsburg, Spurs (who apparently tried to lowball us), Everton (who are basically just hoping for the best), and Chelsea.  Juventus were rumored before, but they seem more interested in Alvaro Morata right now.  Morata had been linked with Wolfsburg as well, once the German outfit missed out on a reunion with Mario Mandzukic.  Mandzukic of course is now with Atletico Madrid, who were also supposedly in the Lukaku running for about 24 hours.  Hours, weeks, days, it doesn't matter though.  The transfer rumor mill is a flat circle.  Everybody's that's ever been linked with anybody or will be linked with somebody, is going to be linked with everybody over and over and over agin.  And those little strikers and midfielders and defenders will be spinning in the mill again and again and again forever.

Chelsea are demanding £25 million from Spurs or Everton for Lukaku, but they may be prepared to accept less from a foreign club.

-source: Telegraph

Wait, didn't we "slap" a £32m price tag on him not that long ago?  Come on fellas, it was only a few games on the world's biggest stage!  The £25m quoted by the Telegraph sort of matches the €30m quoted by this EuroSport/Yahoo article, which, as far as I can tell, started this latest rumor.

That being said, if he has to go, I'd be ok with accepting something below full asking price if it gets him out of the Premier League.  I don't need another weekly reminder a la Daniel Sturridge, thank you very much.

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