Under the WAGNHoscope: Petr Cech [Evaluated]

Christof Koepsel

His name is Petr Čech and the WAGNH community have responded about what they liked and disliked about our former spokesperson.

What you loved:

  1. Consistency - Has been a rock for us throughout 10 years. He very rarely commits a mistake and consistently delivers world-class performances. Incredibly reliable and rarely gives soft goals.
  2. Reflexes - Despite being a tall man, Cech's reactions rival the best in the game and he can stop low shots too very well.
  3. Comeback - Had a life-threatening injury and still came back and was as good as before. Incredible mental strength.
  4. Positioning - Near-flawless positioning and that has made sure that as he slowly declines physically, he still remains a top-class goalkeeper.
  5. Leader - He is a vocal person and organizes the back four well. Has been given the armband on occasions and looked at home.
  6. Off the Pitch - Fantastic guy off the pitch. Speaks a lot of languages, can play the drums, cook, you name it. Fantastic attitude and a true gentleman.
  7. 19.5.12 - Arguably had a greater impact than Drogba in THAT night. Fantastic saves and guessed the direction right on all 6 penalties.

Best comment goes to yash_cybersurfer:

Cat-like reflexes and Neo-esque reaction time, Lean and agile built, Unending arms, ‘Ultra lightweight Cell foam protective Headgear, put it all together and you have a Goalkeeper as good as they come. Terribly consistent in the last 10 years of his club career with Chelsea FC, Petr Cech is nothing so spectacular that you gasp and swoon at his routine performances, much unlike the 'Legs-on approach' of Mr. De Gea or the ‘Broccoli palms' of England's Number 1, but he is surely the guy you need to erect the Champions league, Barclays Premier League, FA Cup and what not winning team's unwavering spine on. Probably THE reason why Chelsea SUCCESSFULLY took on Barcelona in their prime (or the opposite of it, anyhow) and got away with the Champions league Trophy in Munich, Cech has the proud and enviable distinction of keeping, you guessed it right, Leo Messi in his pocket and out of the net whenever they've faced up.
But what eclipses his repertoire and his C.V. , is the fact that he chose to dare the field even after that horrendous knee smash at the legs of Stephen Hunt in ‘06, one which left him with a cracked skull and Jose with a memory of him 'almost dying'. Not skills, but strength of spirit makes Cech stand out in his class, in and among the Messis and the Ronaldos when it comes to the professionalistic Legendary status.

We had another gif comment this time, by Thyago. While Bassman93 replied with some gifs from THAT night in Munich. Click here to see the comment.

What you loathed:

  1. Decline - As he's getting older, his physical attributes are declining and he's become more prone to injuries. Has shoulder problems and has already suffered a career-threatening head injury.
  2. Thibaut Courtois - Courtois is 10 years younger than Cech and already is probably as good (if not better) than Cech. It looks more and more likely that Courtois will be our future No.1, and that's harsh on Petr who has is still a top-class goalie.
  3. Command of the Box - Since his injury, has been a little hesitant while coming out to collect crosses.
  4. AVB era - Didn't look at all comfortable sweeping behind AVB's high line.

Best comment goes to Wheaties Eater:

Of course, anyone drawing up criticisms of Cech are essentially going to be nit-picking. The man has been a wall and a half, and it's hard to fault 98% of his performances for Chelsea. What I found particularly intriguing was that Cech's goalkeeping was heavily influenced by the back line ahead of him. He seemed somewhat uncomfortable "sweeping" behind a high line, and I noticed that he tended to take more risks coming out for balls when JT was injured last season. For this reason, that he's losing a bit of his speed (especially in getting down to either side), and that his age will inevitably bring decline and a greater probability of injury, I find myself among the majority of WAGNHers, hoping he decides to retire rather than making us choose to see him go. Obviously, that's not going to happen, barring any life-changing circumstances. Unfortunately (fortunately?), the few weaknesses Cech has aren't shared by his inevitable replacement. Bring on the era of Thibaut.

Conclusion: Petr Cech is one the best goalkeepers in the world. His blend of height, reflexes and positioning has led to him being a beast. Some of you felt he is the best ever Chelsea player. His contributions in our maiden CL victory were massive. However, age is starting to catch up with him and with Courtois waiting in queue, his time in Blue might be up.

In the poll, Cech's average rating turns out to be 8.5. That puts him in equal with the highest in the series till now, Eden Hazard. However, Cech is rated 8.52, while Hazard is rated 8.51, so Cech is our number one in the series. In WAGNH's community ratings, Cech was rated 6.9.

We will use a poll now to decide the next player voted. If it's a tie, it's my choice whoever is chosen. If you want someone else, mention in the comments (and vote the option "Anyone else" so I can see how many of you want a different player - and if someone has mentioned the name of the player in a comment you want then rec his comment).

Fernando Torres is the next to be evaluated. Click here to see his initial thread and evaluate him.

This FanPost was contributed by a member of the community and was not subject to any sort of approval process. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions held by the editors of this site.

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