Under the WAGNHoscope: Andre Schurrle [Evaluated]

Jamie McDonald

His name is André Schürrle and the WAGNH community have responded about what they liked and disliked about the man who people argue should be called Shirley.

Incase you missed the initial thread, check it here.

What you loved:

  1. Attitude - He loves the club, plays for the shirt and has always said the right things, which includes being a Schadenfreude role model. He knows he has to fight for his place and doesn't complain about it and tries to play himself in. He also has a hunger to improve like Lampard did. That passion, desire and commitment is a clear No.1 among the community.
  2. Workrate - He is willing to put in a defensive shift when required and is full of tireless running in attack. Keeps pressuring the defenders and is willing to track his full back. This makes him a good player for big games and a decent option off the bench. Hedin even said he could consider him as a emergency fullback.
  3. Movement - He offers something different to the other AMs. He is way more direct and is the closest to be a support striker than anyone else (his goal against Man City a highlight). He concentrates on cutting in and beating his man rather than doing fancy tricks. His movement combined with his pace makes him a devastating counter-attacking option.
  4. Finishing - While he was criticized for his poor finishing early in the season, he's worked hard on it and is arguably the best finisher in our team excluding Lampard. His hat-trick against Fulham is a fine example of his finishing.
  5. Assist against Bayern - Many of you loved his cross to Fernando Torres which opened the scoring in the Super Cup. Demonstrated fully what we are getting from him.

Best comment goes to CasablancaBlue8:

His attitude is fantastic. A hardworker, who understands the team dynamic and has almost Lampard-esque levels of hunger to improve. He's fast, direct and determined. His finishing and dribbling are good and he can deliver some very accurate cutbacks from the wings, which are a vital weapon in the battle against 19th Century football. Like Anelka before him, Schürrle is perhaps the best Chelsea player (along with Salah) at making very good supporting-striker runs into the box and this helps to open up space for our other attackers by drawing defenders out of position. Floating in from the wing often means he is able to go untracked by the defenders, and this has lead to a few nice tap ins (my favourite so far being his goal against Man City). A world class striker should lead to more such moments and the hope is that Schürrle will be able to strike an Anelka-Drogba like tandem with any new signing in that area. Like Ramires when he's on form, Schürrle drives the team forward. Playing him alongside Oscar and Hazard gives our attacking band balance, both in terms of defensive responsibility, direct vs patient buildup, width and link-up play with the deep midfield. My favourite moment of Andre's Chelsea career so far is a tie between his hatrick against Fulham and his performance against Steau in the Champions League. In both matches, he put his head down and came up big to get us the wins.

What you loathed:

  1. Stamina - Has shown a tendency to drift out of games as he tires. While a lot of it is attributed to his high work-rate, it's still something he should improve upon.
  2. Lightweight - For someone his size, he should not be bullied off the ball. He's done well to bulk up but there is still room for improvement there. He has massive potential to combine pace with power but hasn't done justice to it yet. As well as bulking up, he could improve his heading ability as well.
  3. Poor Ball Control - He doesn't have a low centre of gravity like other players; when combined with his lack of strength, his ball control suffers compared to his competition.
  4. Creator - His linkup play with the other AMs also isn't as good as the other AMs and he isn't as creative as them.
  5. Predictable - While he showed against Stoke that he is more than capable of striking with his left boot, he has more often than not preferred to cut in on his right and shoot which has made him slightly predictable. Though, it looks more of a mental thing opposed to actually having a bad weaker foot. A few of you remarked that he also has trouble in beating his man and should improve in that regard.
  6. Eden Hazard - It's clear his best position is at left wing but due to Eden Hazard's brilliance it does not look like he'll establish himself there.

Best comment goes to eternalblue, Casablancablue (again) and RoyalLoyalBlue:

Had a slow start to the season(but that was expected). He is inconsistent and can vanish from games at times. First touch poor at times. Take-ons suspect too. But its all a confidence thing. Can be wasteful in possession. I'm nitpicking as I can't find that many things wrong that won't be rectified next season. -eternalblue

There are a few things which, if he worked on, I believe would take him to the next level, primarily his ball retention skills. I'm not the biggest fan of Willian and Oscar's attacking work, but what does stand them out ahead of Schürrle at the moment is their exquisite ball retention skills. As football becomes more and more about hard work and intensity, being able to hold on to the ball in the midfield when pressed is becoming more and more vital. Andre may not have the low centre of gravity that Hazard/Willian/Salah have, but he has the height and skill to help him in this regard. If he can get a bit stronger, put on a bit more muscle and learn to shield the ball with his body for just that extra split second to allow others to make runs, I honestly believe there is nothing stopping him from becoming as good as Gareth Bale. I'd also love it if he could unleash his long range shooting for us, and get some of those blockbusters he's got for Leverkusen and Germany at the Bridge. -Casablancablue
Needs to bulk up
Can sometimes aim for row Z.
Consistency- he's heading nowhere without this.
Needs to realise his potential ASAP. Can and should be a starter for club and country and hasn't quite got there yet. -RoyalLoyalBlue

Where you sat on the fence:

  1. Long Shots - Some of you liked the power he has in his shot and how he shows no reluctance in long shots (his two goals against Stoke and pre-season goal against AC Milan). However, some of you felt he's quite wasteful in long shots and they end up in Row Z and that he should improve his consistency in that regard or be better served passing the ball.
  2. Celebrations - Some of you mentioned that he should work on his celebrations and felt there were terrible. On the other hand, a few liked his air guitar celebration.

Conclusion: Schürrle has had a solid first season at the club. He has all the right tools to succeed in the club. He has a few flaws but with his attitude and hunger, he can easily correct all the deficiencies in his game. Bulking up, being more consistent and not drifting out of games are three big flaws in his game, on which he can improve. Being 23 (yes, only 23), he has time on his side. Can be an important player for Germany and Chelsea - as a starter and/or as a game changing substitute. He'll be a cult hero at this rate, if he isn't already.

In the poll, Schürrle Shirley's average rating turns out to be 7.5. Which is perfect I guess as that was rating score most of you wanted to put but couldn't as it wasn't in the poll. In WAGNH's community ratings, Schurrle was rated 6.6.

After suggestions from a few members, we will use a poll now to decide the next player voted. If it's a tie, it's my choice whoever is chosen. If you want someone else, mention in the comments (and vote the option "Anyone else" so I can see how many of you want a different player - and if someone has mentioned the name of the player in a comment you want then rec his comment).

NOTE: Willian has been voted next and has been evaluated already - incase you are reading this now. Click here for his initial thread and click here for his evaluation.

This FanPost was contributed by a member of the community and was not subject to any sort of approval process. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions held by the editors of this site.

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