Under the WAGNHoscope: Ramires [Evaluated]

Shaun Botterill

Ed. note: Ramires is probably a very good choice for the first installment of this series, considering that he may or may not soon be subject of a £25m bid from old boss Carlo Ancelotti and Real Madrid.

His name is Ramires Santos do Nascimento and the WAGNH community have responded about what they liked and disliked about The Blue Kenyan.

What you loved:

  1. Workrate - He's an engine. Be it the 1st minute of the game or the 95th minute, he'll be running at the same breathtaking pace and leaving the opponents chasing shadows. His workrate makes him an important player for big games. He drives the team forward with his immense stamina and pace.
  2. That Cross and Chip - How can you forget these two wonderful moments against Barcelona? When we needed a goal, his run and cross to setup Didier Drogba got us the goal in the first leg and that wonderful chip in the second leg when all hope seemed lost live long in the memory.
  3. Versatility - He can play as a defensive winger (both flanks), a rightback, a defensive midfielder and a shuttler. He is also willing to the dirty work for his manager whenever needed.
  4. Counterattacking - One of the best counter attackers in world football (well, in terms of running with the ball). Leaves opposition chasing shadows and a very effective outlet.
  5. Shuttler - He is undoubtedly at his best in a midfield three and the community agrees that it is his best position.

Best comment goes to CasablancaBlue8:

He drives the team forward. His take and cross to Drogba at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League Semi Final was a beauty. He’s a hard worker, hard runner, pretty versatile, has scored some nice goals. As a shuttler, he’s one of the best around.

What you loathed:

  1. Indiscipline - He is a red card waiting to happen with his rash tackling and temper - no other way to put it. You could probably put him as the likeliest player to get booked in every game. His two suspensions this season have really been stupid and he needs to buck up on that regard and keep a cool head.
  2. Technical Ability - Not exactly a stereotypical Brazilian. His passing is atrocious, his first touch isn't anything special, he can't cross while his shooting is inconsistent. Really, really poor technical ability.
  3. Decision Making - Doesn't have the greatest footballing brain. While he is an effective outlet on the counter, his poor decision-making has more often than not ruined what was a simple counter attack. The same also applies to his general passing as he tries to setup an attack.
  4. Theatrics - Oscar's one dive aside, Ramires is probably the only player right now who dives. Nobody likes that and he needs to stop.
  5. One-dimensional - Lack of technical ability means that while he can play as a pivot player or a defensive winger, he's only good in that in big games and where there is space to run into. Looks lost in front of a parked bus and has very low creativity.

Best comment goes to Wheaties Eater:

Poor touch, deplorable long shots, rashness, poor reading of the game. Has demonstrated very little flexibility in adapting to different roles, managers, styles.

Conclusion: While he is a brilliant counter attacking option, he needs to improve on his technical ability to remain a starter. He also needs to work on his discipline and decision-making while he needs to improve his consistency and weed out theatrics from his game.

In the poll, Ramires' average rating turns out to be 6.5. Seems to be in line with the majority of the community sentiments. (Ed. in your community ratings for the season, you gave Ramires an average of 6.3.)

The next player will be up soon - any suggestions?

NOTE: The next player chosen is Andre Schürrle, you can view his initial thread here and his evaluation here. For future evaluations, check Schürrle's evaluation.

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