Shifting back to a 4-3-3 (and a look at the backup strikers).

Ever since Chelsea have been linked to Cesc Fabregas, Arturo Vidal, Toni Kroos, Tiago and Paulinho, one question I have seen from everyone is this: can he play in the pivot? Is he good in the pivot? Is he suited in the pivot? Can he replace Luiz in the pivot?

Why isn't it time for us to actually do something different for once? Something like - looking through the pivot? There are possibilities beyond it. First, we'll look into why we actually took the idea of the pivot in the first place.


The main reason for the pivot was that it best suited a certain Spanish #10 who goes by the name of Juan Mata. He couldn't thrive on the wings of a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3, neither was strong defensively for us to trust him as a CM. The only way to fit him was in the #10 role. AVB used him there in a few big games and Mata was brilliant in those games. Di Matteo and Rafa Benitez permanently pushed him there (though RDM for some time played him as a RW cutting in - but in essence it was more of a right sided free role). Now that Juan Mata is gone and we have Oscar, who can thrive as a CM, why keep a hold of a formation which is clearly ill-suited to our team?


Why not actually shift back to the formation that has served us well for a long period of time? The 4-3-3? Matic is the DM, Oscar and Fabregas CMs. This formation suits Ramires better, McEachran is also suited better to it, Van Ginkel can fit easily too while it puts less pressure on Mikel to actually link the midfield and attack. Though I think we would have kept Lampard had Mourinho thought about this. Still, it's food for thought - a shift to 4-3-3. Vote your opinion on the poll below.

P.S. We may well shift Oscar back to CM and Fabregas to CAM and keep the 4-2-3-1 - though that makes you think why did we sell Mata? (Though him and Fabregas are different players - there is also a familiarity in the situation).


This is assuming that we sign Costa/Mandzukic/Cavani (only one) and they are our main striker. Mourinho has hinted to Bamford that he will like him as a third choice striker, while Ba has remarked that he'll have a bigger role next year. Eto'o is already gone. This means Lukaku and Torres are probably gone too (though it may well be Torres' annual whining interview we heard rather than anything else). So could it be [[New ST]], Ba, Bamford next season? Especially in Costa's case, he's broken down a few times this season and cannot be played every game (has to be saved), freeing up more games for Demba Ba.. What's your thought on this?

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