Creativity, Balance and Midfield's

It is summer 2007, The Chelsea midfield consists of Michael Ballack,Frank Lampard, Michael Essien, Claude Makelele and young prospect John Obi Mikel (that's right Mikel was once a prospect). That midfield had everything, power, pace, youth, experience, you name it.

Forward to the present day, and after the devastating news that broke yesterday that club legend Super Frankie Lampard is leaving after 13 years, the only one that remains from that incredibly complete midfield is goalscoring wonder John Obi Mikel (it's hard to portray sarcasm over the internet) and his days in blue now also look numbered.

Since Michael Ballack and Claude Makelele departed and Essiens knees went missing we have made no real attempt to sign any players in that position apart from Nemanja Matic last January. This to me has always been very strange how it's took us so long to replace these guys, almost 5 years to be precise. The past few seasons it has been obvious how unbalanced the team has been with the Lampard Mikel partnership in central midfield not being dynamic or athletic enough, the Lampard and Ramires (or Rampard if you will) partnership not being strong enough defensively and Ramires and Mikel partnership not having enough technique.

This begs the question, why has nothing been done to fix this? The youth prospects and Matic aside, why have we not signed a player to fix this gaping hole in our team? My guess is as good as any.

As we are now in the season where transfer rumours are travelling like Darren Bent and everyone is moving everywhere, this gives us a chance to add a suitable partner to the all mighty Matic. The question is, who?

In my opinion deep midfield is the most important position on the pitch as it links both aspects of attack and defense and who ever plays there must contribute to both. Matic has been nothing short of amazing since he arrived but there is something missing and in my opinion that is a distributor, someone that can dictate the play and cut a team to shreds with silky passing. Every great modern team has one of these players, Bayern with Kroos, Real Madrid with Modric and Barca with Xavi are just some examples. Matic is of course a fantastic passer but doesn't have the same vision and passing range as the guys I just mentioned and you can't expect to beat teams that sit back without a passing specialist to stretch the play.

As everyone has heard there has been a rumour spreading like wildfire recently about a certain Spanish midfielder that goes by the name of Cesc and it seems that Chelsea are interested in Mr.Cesc and certain sources are going as far to say he has already completed a medical with us. I don't believe everything I hear but I have been thinking about the pro's and con's of singing him.

Firstly pro's -

He is an incredible passer, probably one of the most creative around at the minute, I have watched him so many times pick out a pass or a through ball that just splits the team in two and opens up so many opportunities

He is reasonably cheap compared to the likes of Vidal, Pogba and Martinez and is still only 27.

He has premier league experience and has experience playing in the role we would want him to play. He played there for Arsenal and was probably the best midfielder in the league at one point playing that deep lying play maker role.

He is homegrown so that fills a homegrown spot on the roster for champions league which is important considering Frank and Ashley have left.

He does not rely on pace which means he could also become a Pirlo type player when he loses a yard and instead may opt to use his brain and passing skills instead which means he could be here for around 10 years taking everything into account.

He has a point prove. After being thrown out of Barca he will want to show them that they were wrong to let him go and prove to everyone that he is still world class

Con's -

He used to play for Arsenal and Barcelona. Well this is self explanatory really.

He supposedly has bad blood with Chelsea and Mourinho. Well that is nothing that can't be fixed, eh Samuel?

I think Cesc Fabregas would be an exceptional signing and the thought of him playing through balls to Diego Costa is mouthwatering to say the least, what do you guys think? Let me know!

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