My ramblings on CFC

To start I want to just talk about the midfield situation we currently talk about often.

I have seen recently us linked with a deal for Toni Kroos as he has turned down an offer from Bayern to extend his current deal. Now Kroos is a player I have admired for a couple of seasons, I believe his passing ability and the use of both feet is incredible however I do not see us needing another player that fits the same mould as Fabregas and in some way Oscar.

Now I would love to see Pogba a Chelsea player, more than anything;

  1. He is homegrown
  2. Still only young and already quality enough to walk in to pretty much any team
  3. Pogba_medium


However if we did sign him then it would mean:

  1. Less playing time for Matic/Fabregas/Oscar depending on formation choice
  2. Less opportunity for someone like van Ginkel or Chalobah to develop into the side

In a dream world my Chelsea XI for next season would be:


Shaw - Cahill - Terry - Azpi

Pogba - Matic

Willian - Oscar - Hazard


(Diego Costa)

Now I know Lewandowski has abandoned BVB to join the dominant Bayern Munich but I believe he would of been the perfect player to lead our line. I will now wake up and realise I have to settle with seeing Diego Costa playing up top instead (something I am still not overly excited about!)

We should forget about Filipe Luis,

  • BUT
  • 29 when the season starts
  • He is not homegrown
  • Very similar FFP hit as signing Shaw
  • Shocking hair

Shaw will evolve with our young team, don't forget that Courtois, Azpi, Zouma, Oscar, Willian, Schurrle, Salah, Hazard, Lukaku are all to still hit their peak! Just think about that! Shaw will fit in right away, he's already better than van Aanholt and Bertrand. He will easily walk into our side at LB..... PLUS HE IS A BLUE!

I don't need to explain the Pogba inclusion.

I believe our current squad is extremely strong. Extremely.

With a few of these little additions I believe we can see our team becoming one of those that travels to Bayern or Barca and playing a different game than sitting back within our own final third hoping for a lucky break. We could really become such a bigger force than we already are.

Lets face it, we have the best manager in the world, we have amazing players, extraordinary would be a better word. We were in the title race and reached the Champions League semi finals without any of our strikers hitting the back of the net on a regular basis.

I know we have had a lot of posts asking what everyones squad would be next season so I am not going to do that I would like to ask you all though, if you could only make 1 signing and then swap other current first team members what would you do?


  • You can only sign one player
  • To sign someone else you need to swap a current first team member for someone else

Cheers for reading guys.

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