Under the WAGNHoscope: Willian [Evaluated]

Ian Walton

His name is Willian Borges da Silva and the WAGNH community have responded about what they liked and disliked about the man who hates Tottenham.

What you loved:

  1. Arrival - A clear favourite. Everyone loves how we trolled Spurs and got Willian even after he had done his medical with them. He's a cult hero and has got a song too. He hates Tottenham, he hates Tottenham!
  2. Workrate, Pace and Stamina - One of the best defensive wingers in world football. Tracks his fullback and can easily outpace him in attack. Covers a massive amount of ground and keeps running without tiring out. His and Oscar's tireless pressing helps in winning the ball early and stopping counterattacks, as well as initiating them in deeper positions.
  3. Technical Ability - Unlike Ramires or Moses (who can also have the above attribute), Willian has wonderful technical ability. He is a good dribbler and has a bit of flair to him.
  4. Ball Control - He has a low centre of gravity and good upper body strength which helps him in shielding the ball, while his first touch is decent which allows him to trap the ball well.
  5. Versatility - Can play anywhere across the attacking band and has played as a wingback at times too.
  6. Goals - He doesn't score a lot, but they are special without doubt. His goals against Norwich, Southampton and Stoke were brilliant highlight reel types - while his goal against Liverpool was special in another sense.
  7. Hair - He has an afro. Any person with an afro (minus Fellaini) is insanely more likable than a person without an afro.

Best comment goes to JPnightmare:

Willian has a relentless defensive work rate. He is always tracking back and doing his best to retain the ball. Willian is hands down our best AM in terms of tracking back and defensive play. He has good chemistry with the other AMs and can link up quite well to create some fancy passing plays. I like his flair and his ability to be a magician on the ball at times (seems to be a thing Brazilians are good at). He is very quick and can often beat defenders with his pace alone. He has good stamina as well. He has great vision and can see a pass before it happens, which is one of the most important qualities for an AM.

What you loathed:

  1. Transfer fee - He still hasn't done justice to his £30m transfer fee. His transfer fee is almost the same as Eden Hazard's (and more than guys like Juan Mata, Oscar and Nemanja Matic) but he has yet to truly live up to it.
  2. End Product - For all his secondary assists, someone still has to put the ball in the back of the net. In a season where our strikers and Lampard didn't get many goals, Willian needed to up his scoring rate and reduce the over-dependency on Eden Hazard. Still hasn't scored a decisive goal yet.
  3. Corners - Awful, inconsistent delivery. Has gotten better slightly but way off the mark. Part of the reason we don't score many corners despite our height.
  4. Decision Making - Frustrating. Looks lost at times and doesn't always make the right decision. Also loses focus at times and turns over the ball in dangerous positions (once in the Galatasaray away match). Can be caught ball watching on occasions.
  5. Inconsistency - Scores brilliant goals at times, looks lost in the box at times too.
  6. Juan Mata - His arrival and subsequent role as a starter has lead to the departure of WAGNH favourite Juan Mata (and perhaps Kevin de Bruyne too). Not his fault, but some of you didn't like this.

Best comment goes to eternalblue:

His attacking output just hasn't been good enough. Too often for me he was dallying on the ball and we lose the advantage we have. His decision making needs to improve a lot otherwise he might find his starting position in jeopardy as both Schurrle and Salah get to his levels of work rate. The talent is there he just needs to make those match changing offensive actions. All our other AMs have made telling game changing contributions. But Willian at the moment cannot translate his good work into some sort of tangible statistics. I'm giving him a 7 only because of this.

Anomandoris summed up an interesting tactical point about Willian possibly in a deeper role (though some opposed it). What do you think about Willian as a central midfield in the long run?

I think he could be even better if we would use him in a deeper role, I know he would have to work on the defensive side of his game but I believe that he has some valuable attributes that would make him a good midfield player. (pivot or three man midfield) He works very hard, has a decent speed, good passing range and he is good at keeping the ball when challenged.

He reminds me very much of a younger Moussa Dembele (I do think Willian is a lot more talented) Dembele just like WIllian was an attacking midfielder that looked very good on the ball, nice dribbling, good vision except for one thing, just like Willian, Dembele did not manage to get statistics that justify placing him in such an advanced role all the time. Instead he was transformed into a more defensive midfielder taking advantage of his talent at keeping the ball. I think Willian could do the same but become a better version of Dembele in a more defensive role. Whilst not being as tall as the Belgian he has a better passing range and work rate. In Chelsea terms he would be a somewhat slower but more technical version of Ramires.

I would not use him in such a position every game and depending on the opposition I would let him start in central midfield or the attacking band but I do believe that he is much better suited to making the transition to a more defensive role than Oscar is and he could be a good player to link attack and defence.

Conclusion: Willian has had a decent first season for Chelsea. He has the ability to be an important player for Chelsea but right now his end product and inconsistency are pegging him back. That will improve, as now he is adapted better to England, after coming from Ukraine and Russia. He is a terrific player for big games while he has the ability to break down defensive teams.

In the poll, Willian's average rating turns out to be 7.2. Decent for a first season and can definitely improve and get to an 8. In WAGNH's community ratings, Willian was rated 6.8.

We will use a poll now to decide the next player voted. If it's a tie, it's my choice whoever is chosen. If you want someone else, mention in the comments (and vote the option "Anyone else" so I can see how many of you want a different player - and if someone has mentioned the name of the player in a comment you want then rec his comment). I haven't picked a midfielder because we have evaluated three already and I want something different.

Finally, check the first two comments, there is a second poll there.

This FanPost was contributed by a member of the community and was not subject to any sort of approval process. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions held by the editors of this site.

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