Fabregas: One of Us Now


This is what I mean. - via

It is clear now who will be wearing the number 4 at Chelsea next season, so it's time to address some feelings. As I've looked through the comments on this very site in the last week, things have gotten pretty heated. Many supporters have commented on the move, sharing messages of hatred, disgust, or concern. I'm sure many in southwest London will share those sentiments (as do I). However, other commenters have made it clear that they are open, even excited about the move. Frankly, the split seemed pretty even, with a serious number of vocal supporters on both sides.

That's why it's incredibly important that right now, WAGNH members remember one thing above all. This is a Chelsea community. Community may be a broad word for some, but no one denies that at the root of this term is the concept (and the word, literally) of unity. I'm not asking that we all sit down and sing a virtual version of Kum Ba Yah, but I do think some things ought to change about the way we handle things going forward.

1) We decide to hold judgement for now. Both the advocates and the anti-Cesc types should lock it up. The deal is done, and there's no assessments that matter now that aren't in the future. Let's wait until the season begins, all moves have been made, the formation and style become more clear, and new players get a few performances under their belts. In effect, let's try a cease-fire on this particular subject.


How Tony Stark would do it. - via

2) Publically, we support our new addition. One of the things I'm proudest of, as a Chelsea fan, is how well Fernando Torres was treated, despite coming from a rival and performing relatively poorly throughout his career. Fabregas deserves the same conditions, under which he may succeed or fail, but people should not be able to point to the fans and say: "You didn't support him, so of course he failed," or "You didn't support him and look how well he did anyway!" Give him a chance to succeed. I mean, at least he's not this guy:


What an odd move from Suarez... I guess he wasn't hungry. - via

In doing these two things, we can show some faith in the decision-making of the club's leadership, respect to one another, and give a chance to a new player. We are Chelsea, and when a player joins us, we welcome him. If he's in royal blue, he belongs to us. We are WAGNH, and we are above the endless bickering that comprises much of the rest of the internet.

I'm not sure Fabregas would even be bothered by whatever we'd lob his way (figuratively). He can be a pretty cool customer. At least, he is when he has his Beats.

If I had my Beats on right now (and I don't because I don't own any; damn, those things are expensive), they'd be playing one song and one song only.

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