Cesc Fabregas: Update

My fellow Blues fans, i have had a bit of spare time recently so i have been researching into the Fabregas situation through various sources/mediums. As it currently stands, Fabregas is all but a Barcelona player and looks to be on his way out, the word being he is headed back to the premier league. Lets take some rumours, facts and transfer strategies into consideration and try to figure out what is going on with this much awaited transfer.

Major Updates:

Everyone saw the Pique and VDB show and how they cheekily let out the fact that the Cesc deal is indeed happening.

- There is alot of talk of Arsenal's buy back clause and first refusal. After digging up the correct logistics of the Arsenal-Barca deal, it seems that any profits made from this barca sale would be shared at 50% with arsenal. The Telegraph, Guardian, Mail and various spanish outlets have all reported that Chelsea is trying to make sure that Arsenal receives no cut whatsoever from any possible deal. Basically Chelsea wants the gunners to get no pay off. This brings about some complications to this deal as Barca want max value and Chelsea want nill compensation for their rival.

- The Rakitic deal from Sevilla to Barca is just about done. This implies that Barcelona have wrapped up a replacement for their outgoing La Masia poster boy. It is to be noted that this would probably make Barcelona slow down the Fabregas sale as outgoing and incoming funds need to be balanced and the Catalan club will probably hold out for max value (after world cup).

Minor Updates:

Fabregas's girlfriend has posted a picture of herself with Lio Messi's girlfriend on instagram, hashtagging it "Ill miss you so so much". Cesc and his Mrs are indeed bound to leave Spain.

- Gerard pique and Fabregas were seen joking around on video the day after Pique broke the news to the press that cesc is leaving. As useless as this information is, it seems to me that there is no hard feelings between either one in regards to the fact that Pique let the world know Cesc is leaving. Cesc seems comfortable and relaxed as he packs his bags.

- Mourinho, Torres, Azpilicueta have all given public interviews about Cesc. Mourinho hardly talks about other people's players (except for the rooney saga where he was quite civilized aswell). Our Spanish boys seem quite confident about bringing him in.


First of all, this is my first article here on WAGNH. Apologies for not being able to insert any links or pictures. It seems to me that alot of factors are on our side when it comes to us clinching the Cesc Fabregas deal. But there are some external problems coming into this deal:

- Arsenal with their emotional connection to Cesc and the 'First Refusal'.
- United with their bucketloads of cash and recent offerings of insane wage money to get high calibre players in.
- Mr Yaya Toure and his drama queen nature to put City into the mix with Cesc, as Fabregas could potentially be a replacement.
- Bayern Munich and the Pep Factor: Schwieni could potentially be sold for a profit this summer and Pep would take Fabregas into his Bayern midfield in a heartbeat.

In my own personal opinion, this is going to be a long, drawn out transfer saga. I dont expect this to be completed till early august. Hopefully i am wrong and we see a red banner tomorrow saying we signed him, but this one has too many emotional, financial and external-pressurising factors to be a quick one. He is definitely on his way out, but will Chelsea be his destination?

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