Summer Spending

After hearing recently that Bamford thinks he will be number 3 next year and Demba Ba will be staying?! I suspect the club will be trying to offload a certain Fernando Torres and Samuel Eto'o probably won't be staying. Can we get money for Torres, not from anyone sensible, but Leicester seem to have found some money so there's one option!

Joking aside, there will probably be some serious movement this summer, I personally see the following players leaving:



Mikel (couldn't get into the side ahead of Luiz who Mourinho said will never play as a DM and is selling)



Van Aanholt



Not the worst decisions in the world (Luiz until I heard 50 MILLION QUID, insane amounts of money for a CB). All in total this lot could fetch something in the region of 90-100 Million. Considering we on average spend around 60 Million in the summer window, it wouldn't be out of the question to see us spend 150, when you consider that we have the new TV deal which has increased our revenues by around 60 million. There is a lot of money to spend at Chelsea at the moment, but I don't personally see the point spending all of it at once, keep it as money in the bank for when truly world class players come along. At the moment, the best investment I can see of that cash is Paul Pogba. He appears to have everything, and everything Jose would want in a player, which is the main goal. With Matic in Midfield, we would dominate any team in the league, and against City, if you stuck Ramires in there as well, they would even dominate Yaya and Fenandinho. Power, Pace, passing and the odd goal from those 2.

For me it's get Pogba at all costs. Juve are strapped for cash, 40 Million for him is probably too much to turn down. The second target I would be going for is Varane. I appreciate Madrid have no need to sell, but I think Varane is a fan of Jose, and with enough money he would be tempted to go. He is arguably the outstanding CB of his age, he's quick, no nonsense and really fills a void that we need filling. Terry is not getting any younger, we need to try and replace him.

To be honest, I would try and sign Shaw as well, because he's young, hungry, a Chelsea fan and a very good Left back. It's strange that we could sign Pogba, Shaw and Varane and probably be a better AND younger side. Although these 3 would probably cost upwards of 100 Million, they are 3 outstanding young players who would strengthen us.

I do think we will sign a CF, though I personally would be happy with anyone from Costa, Manzukic, Lukaku leading the line. Anyone is an improvement on what we have, hell Bamford is no worse than Torres has been.

I would love to see us line up with this team next season:


Azpilicueta, Cahil/Terry, Varane, Shaw

Pogba, Matic

Willian, Oscar, Hazard


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