Chelsea 2014 squad if I were Emenalo

I had been pondering posting this some days ago, but the David Luiz rumours took steam and I decided to wait and see what happened. What happened is the most heart breaking outcome and £48m more to spend. So let's get down to business


Cech – £15m (Leaving feelings behind this seems the only logical move)

Mikel – £15m (Good guy just not good enough of a player)

Torres – £12m (Someone please take him, put on a mask on him and he may work)

Ba – £10m (Same as Mikel)

Romeu – £8m (Buy back clause, just in case he turns back to his prior injury self)

Moses – £9m (Sell him, not good enough and has been touched by scousers)

Marin – £6m (Buy back clause, just in case Zelda performs a miracle and he becomes the german Messi, just as they promised)

Bertrand- £6m (Go for your first team role, just in another team)

Kakuta, Clifford, Davila, Delac – £5m total (Not good enough)

Ramires- £20m (I think it has become clear he is not the player we need)

Willian- £25m (I don’t want a AM that everybody praises for his defensive achievements but that doesn’t offer much in attack, sell him before his value decreases)

David Luiz- £48m (Why Roman WHYYYYYY)

Total takings: £179m or £167m if we can’t sell Torres.

Released: Hilario, Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, Samuel Eto’o


Reus – £30m (Release clause, so cheap for someone of his talent)

Shaw £30m (Not sure if the better player available at the moment but the one with the more pontial and also homegrown)

Barkley £30m (Homegrown, great playing style and can compete with Oscar)

Benzema £35m (I think he could be available if Madrid go for Suarez, if not go for Costa, both really good options)

Gündogan, Koke or Rakitic - £25m (We need a creative guy for our pivot, this are the options I would explore. I would personally go for Gündogan, I know he is a risky buy because of his injury but I love how he plays. For me Gün>Koke>Rakitic)

Pogba or Vidal - £50m (I would prefer Pogba personally)

Total Expenditure – £200m

Net Spend: £21m or £33m if we cant sell Torres. I suppose Chelsea has a transfer budget of £50m so this leaves enough money to stack on youth.

Squad: (H) indicates Homegrown or U21

Courtois, Schwarzer, Blackman(H)

Azpilicueta, Ivanovic

Cahill(H), Terry(H), Kalas, Zouma(H)

Shaw(H), Van Aanholt(H)

Matic, Pogba(H), Gündogan, MvG

Hazard, Oscar, Reus, Barkley(H), Schürrle, Salah (Loan Salah if you think there are too many AMs)

Benzema, Lukaku(H), Bamford(H)

This would give us just 14 non homegrown or U21 players, for me that’s a really good number.

PS: All the figures I used have been taken from transfermarkt or the supposed figures in rumors.

I would like to know your opinions about my squad and also it would be great to see your squads. I know there are a lot of similar posts but with the first major transfer this summer most of us will change opinions about what we want.


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