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A young boy from Brazil was brought in the summer of 2012 to Chelsea .We defeated the likes of barca and Milan for the signature of one of the most promising talent coming in from Brazil at that point of time . He marked his arrival on the biggest stage of the club football with a pair of goal against juventus in the UCL group stages , one of which was truly remarkable. It is best described by none other than the opposition goalkeeper the legendary gianlugi buffon .

Buffon said: "Oscar turned on a sixpence and put his shot under the bar.

"I will not say it's nice to concede a goal but it's nice to be part of a great goal like that, compliments to him."

That goal will remain etched in the hearts of every football purist for a long time

Now Fast forward to 2013-2014 oscar had a pretty good start to season and was declared as his no10 by Jose mourinho ahead of the likes of juan mata and kevin de bruyne .Up until the sale of juan mata ,oscar was having a great season but came january transfer window and mata was sold and from then on oscar is in a downward spiral.What has magnified his slump is the fact that because of him the two time chelsea player of the year was shown the door .

Now the concerns about the potential of oscar are being raised. some are even demanding for the sale of the Brazilian but it doesn't happen that way . Chelsea as a team has invested heavily on the player not only in terms of money but playing time and now when it seems that there is kind of a chemistry developing than the voices of bringing in someone new who will most definitely eat up Oscar's or willian's minutes and will most definitely take time to adjust here are being raised which to some point baffles me.

Oscar was never a player with similarities to Juan mata and will never be like one . Juan mata was more of a classic no 10 with an absolutely killer final pass but had little to offer when the team was without possession which is usually the case with us in the bigger matches .On the other hand Oscar is more of a modern no 10 having a great work rate .What Oscar is really good at is winning the ball in the final third because of his great positional awareness and pressing ability and that is also one of the main reason for him to be a starter at Brazil NT.Another of his evident characteristics is dropping back to work the ball when game is not fluid which is often the case when the teams park the bus against us.Some may argue that the work of a no 10 is to be able to distribute those final killer pass and not all what i have mentioned but i think that role in our setup lies on the shoulder of Eden hazard who is given a somewhat free reign as compared to others . Its a shame that the qualities that Oscar possess doesn't often result in statistics but one thing i can say without a doubt is that there is no young midfielder out their with qualities that Oscar have and his footballing brain is second to none.

Well that's my opinion on Oscar and i would totally love to read about what yours are .

Before leaving i would also like to point out the stats of other No 10 and how were they faring when they were 22

Iniesta in 2006-07 Season had 6 goals and 4 assists.He started 28 and had 9 substitute appearances

Cesc Fabregas in 2009-10 Season had 15 goals and 13 assists.He started 26 and had 1 substitute appearance

Juan Mata in 2009-10 Season had 9 Goals and 5 Assists.He started 30 games and had 5 substitute appearances

Kaka in 2003-04 had 10 Goals and 0 Assists.He started 25 games and had 5 substitute appearances

Ronaldinho 2001-02 had 9 Goals and 0 Assists.He Started 19 games and had 9 substitute appearances

Oscar in 2013-14 have 8 Goals with 2 Assists.He had 23 Starts and is subbed 9 times.

Mesut ozil 2011-12 had 4 Goals and 17 Assists(Best in la liga).He started 30 games and had 5 substitute appearances

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